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Default Elemental Fire

It was late in the evening as Raina Kanath sat at her desk, pouring over a new collection of old tome's she acquired from a merchant in Skara earlier in the day. Rising to stand as she walks into the living room, awaiting the little lass's latest attempt to sneak in undetected. As the door slowly opened and Kalire sneaks into the room, Raina simply stands, waiting, with a bemused expression upon her face.

"Out a bit late 'gain aren't ye dear" she says, watching in amusement at Kalire's startled jump.

"I..I.. how do you do that!" she barks, flustered.

"Do what dear?" she replies.

"Oh.. oh never mind" as she harrumphes, closing the door and sitting down on the couch.

Raina smiles at the little girl plopped, slightly less than daintily, upon her couch. A quick flash of remembrance of how the little one had found her, and why for anything did she end up here. Turning slowly with a glass of milk for the child she noticed Kalire rubbing her leg.

"Ye a'ight dear she asked.

"Yes Momma, just, dunno, think somethin bit me" she replied, removing her hand for her mother to take a look.

"I think ye'll live dear" she says, ruffling the child's hair. "Why don't ye finish yer milk, and get a good nights rest, lemme know ifn's it's still bothering ye inna mornin a'ight?"

"Okays Momma" she replies, hoping up off the couch before giving Raina a big, heartfelt hug before wandering up the stairs off to bed.

Raina continued a little while longer, going over her new acquisitions, before heading up the stairs to retire herself.


Waking with a bit of a start, she gazes around the room warily, feeling something is a bit off before turning to the slumbering Kalire, drenched is sweat as she lay there, tossing and turning in her sleep.

Shaking the child gently "Kalire, Kalire darlin, wake up sweet'eart."

"Mo.. Momma... I don't feel so good..." she replies.

Wiping the matted hair from Kalire's face she stares at her, her concern growing. "Sweetheart, what 'appened yesterday when ye think ye got bit love?" she asked.

"I.. well see, there were these sewers, I think, it was dark and smelled funny and I like, just peeked in..." talking rapidly and on guard, despite her condition. "... really I only peeked, I swears it, and I felt somethin brush my leg and felt something bite me.. it hurt, but I was tough, I didn't cry or nothing" she claimed.

Raina kissed Kalire upon the forehead, gently brushing the matted hair from her forehead. "Ye stay in bed and rest t'day, I'll put somethin t'gether tha'll 'elp ye feel better".

Scrunching her face, she mumbles "Okays Momma...".

Raina headed downstairs and began rummaging through her cabinets, gathering reagents and herbs, and casting a simple spell over the elixir before taking it to Kalire. The child drank the elixir, seemingly sleeping better thereafter for some time as Raina went back to her studies.

Lunch time approached, and as Raina was bringing the lass some simple food and drink, she noticed the girls condition only worsening from earlier in the morning. Kalire's hair was soaked with sweat, as she shivered despite being surrounded in blankets. Sending for a healer from the nearest town of Skara Brae, she continued to fuss over the little girl, providing almost every elixir and casting almost every spell she knew to help the poor child.

The healer from town, Jared was his name, could provide no real information as to the curious cause for what was ailing the child and seemed quite perplexed after spending a whole hour with her, examining her wounds before meeting with Raina downstairs, out of earshot of the child. He explained the curious nature of what seemed to be ailing the little girl, describing in complexity every possible treatment he had to try. His curiosity peaked knowing that when examining the bit mark upon the child's leg, it seems to have completely healed only made the entire matter all that more confusing. He vowed to return to his home and see what more information he could find over what ailed the child.

Raina started to worry as the healer left, constantly checking on Kalire to make sure she was comfortable, changing the bedding when it was soaked through to the core. Her concern disturbed her late into the evening, as she poured over every tome she had looking for answers, yet unable to find any.

Later that evening Jared returned , reitterating that he'd never seen anything quite like it, his knowledge of the healing arts failing him with the only recourse being to contact his brothers as best he could in search for a solution. Assuring Raina that he would do what he could, he once again left her home.


Three days and four nights her routine continued, caring for the ill child, comforting her as she could, all the while hiding her worry. Raina's evenings spent contacting anyone she knew who may have any ideas, pouring over every tome she owned. With all of her attempts defeated by whatever had infected Kalire, Raina continued to research, quickly going over the new tome's she had acquired, looking for a solution, or an idea, anything to help her save her little girl.

Late during her fourth evening she runs across an old Alchemist's notes about a disease, the passage read:

It seems the disease has surfaced again, despite all our best attempts at thwarting it, it seems to claim any number of victims and only recesses once they've all met their death. I know not where this disease comes from, though I've heard rumors of it starting with those that work within the sewers being the first afflicted. The disease itself appears magical in nature, some say it was even created by Minax herself. Created for use in an attempt upon Lord British's very own life, only to be dealt with by a fortunate finding by Lady Katrina before it could spread to the king. Of course, if you ask me, Katrina didn't do a very good job of ridding us of it.

Of course, who's to believe the fancy of rumors, and truly knowing such does nothing to aid in the curing of this disease. As far as I can tell the disease itself takes five days to devastate it's victim. The only measurable symptom to this disease is excessive fevering, and the inability for all known means of Alchemy or Magery to have any effect upon cleansing it's victim. Recommended action involves quarantine of those infected and a lot of prayer. To date, there is no known cure.

Raina slammed the book closed, tossing it against the wall in frustration and despair. Growling to herself she flips through a few more tome's, leaving the last one set open to a page she's quite familiar with, and perhaps her only hope to save Kalire. Forlorn, she snuffs out the candles, making her way up to bed, one more good nights sleep before doing the only thing that might save her.

Upon waking, Raina quietly checks upon Kalire, the bed, once again drenched with sweat, dinner sitting upon the nightstand untouched. She dons her robe, quietly making her way back downstairs, rummaging quietly within her desk drawers, setting out a few items she hopes will not be necessary, before picking up her familiar tome and heading back to lay upon the bed with Kalire. Taking the child's hand, she softly begins chanting a spell from the tome 'Purgo vestri phasmatis , Capio vobis quis peius vestri animus.'

Sweat trickling down her forehead, her hair already matted upon her face, time is something unknown to her as she fights against the disease within the child, a magical tug of war, stealing that which is impure from the purity of it's host. Minutes, hours pass, her chant pouring from crescendo to nadir. Long past time she's certain that Kalire is safe she continues, taking no chances that her spell might fail, she colapses upon the bed as unconsciousness envelops her.

She awakens slowly, her body hot and soaked in her own sweat, a soft sob pierces the veil of her waking as she notices Kalire with her arms wrapped around her waist. Raina awakens with a start.

"Momma!" the little girls arm's squeezing tightly about her waist.

" 'ello darlin, 'ow are ye feelin this mornin?" she responds.

"Better, I think, I mean, yes momma better, but you don't look so good" fidgeting and rocking back and forth on her feet " I um, you don't look good momma I 'erm went an uh.."

Before the lass has time to finish her sentence, Alyssia, Raina's sister, walks quietly through the door shaking her head. "Wha's goin on sis? wha happened?". the sparkle of concern obvious within her emerald eyes.

Raina starts to stand shakily, Aly pauses in decision before helping her sister down to the living room without a word.

Glancing back and forth between Aly and Kalire, Raina slowly pulls out the tome she was reading the night before. "Kalire was.. sick, if she was ill from what I believe" opening the book and offering Alyssia the notes she found the evening prior. " she was nae to last 'nother day, I took it from 'er, tha which was making 'er ill" her eyes pleading with her sister as she speaks " as I've done for ye when poison runs deep through ye only.. Alyssia " coughing as she continues " I dunne know ifn's I kin beat this, it.. canne be expelled an, I dunne know 'ow long I kin make it for, I... I need ye to promise me, ifn's I canne do something, ye... and the rangers must care for Kalire for me".

Kalire, listening, frightened as silent tears gently roll down her cheek, standing quietly, as if afraid to move.

Alyssia snarled, be it not convincing for the fear and concern within her. " I.. Aye, ye know I will but.." pausing as Raina holds up her hand.

"Right now, I need ta be 'lone.. ta fight, it says.. five days, I know not ifn's it'll be that long for me, please, take her and go for now" her raspy voice almost pleading with her sister.

Alyssia slowly bending down to kiss her sisters forehead giving a feint smile and a curt nod, leaning down to take the hand of the quiet child. "I dunne like this sis, but ye 'ave one day, tha's it, then I'm.. aw hell, I dunno what I'm gonna do, but it'll be somethin I promise." slowly turning towards the door, coaxing Kalire along with her, a single tear running down her face.

Raina sat upon her couch, crossing her legs and closing her eyes, as she begins to concentrate, slowly murmuring those words with which she grounds herself.


Alyssia and Kalire returned the next morning, only to find Raina collapsed upon the couch.

"Momma!" Kalire screams running over to Raina.

"Oh goddess..." Murmurs Aly, making her way over to her collapsed sister, checking to see that she's still alive, before doing her best to gently rouse her. "Kalire, please fetch me some water?".

Kalire gives Raina one big squeeze, nodding franticly to Alyssia before scampering off to fetch a glass of water.

"Rai, Raina, ye a'ight.." concern washing over her expression, that which she's tried hard to hide from the child.

Raina nodded, looking and feeling exhausted, the disease running through her quicker than it did in Kalire, most likely due to it's grown strength from when she had removed it. Leaning close to Alyssia, Raina quietly says "I need your... help" as she leaned all her weight against her sister, attempting to stand. Heading over to the items she set out a few evenings prior, giving her sister a look of pure helplessness. Picking up her quill she slides a map of Ilshnar across the counter. She scribbles a large circle about a set of caves within the land, scribbling upon the base of the map a few words, her hands shaking from the effort. 'fire' ... 'Kalire to Yale'... grasping the amulet quickly and placing it within Alyssia's hand, pulling herself close to the womans ear, with a whisper 'go'...

"What? Ye want me ta go 'ere? for wha? ye daft, goddess Raina ye ought be.. I shouldn't 'ave... " Alyssia yelps, before Raina puts a single finger upon her lips.

Shaking her head as she gazes into her sisters eyes, her iris turning from a soft grey, to a blood red. "Hurry... please" she whispers. Making her way back over to the couch, landing softly upon it as Kalire returned with a glass of water.

"Here Momma, drink" handing the glass to Raina, seemingly not noticing the tint of her eyes.

Raina takes the glass, slowly sipping at the water, a soft smile playing across her lips, she leans in close, kissing Kalrie upon her head, whispering quietly "Go with Aly dear... please... I love ye".

Kalrie giving an almost pained look, starts to speak but thinks better of it, instead giving Raina a long hug. "I love you too momma, get better okays?" Pulling back she walks over to Alyssia, taking her hand, walking hesitantly towards the door.

Soon as the two pass the threshold of her home, Raina again lets her exhaustion overcome her.


Alyssia begins wandering through a series of caves, certain this is the location Raina had circled upon the map. Glancing left and right to be certain she's alone, she proceeds down the length of what appears to be a long, sloping corridor. Two miles down, the air becomes stifling, heat can be felt pouring off the rocks, Alyssia removes her cloak, and gloves to relieve some of the heat. Pondering returning to the surface, thoughts of her sister run through her mind, a wonder on how long she has to live, the idea of failure urging her forward. She will not fail her sister... and fairly certain she's found the right cave.

Another mile in, the air is almost unbearable, she presses on, up ahead is an opening, brightly illuminated by a fire within. Quietly sneaking up to the opening, she can see the tunnel opening up into a large cavern running miles across, fire and flame spurt out of large pools of magma throughout the cavern as beings of fire meander about.

Wondering franticly what it is she's now supposed to do, grasping the hilt of her sword, eying the elementals in their natural state. A flicker of remembrance as she pulls out the amulet her sister had given her. Staring at it for a moment, wondering what, exactly, she's supposed to with it now. Holding it with a half outstretched arm trying to think what her sister might have used to trigger the magic within the amulet.


"Enter Says Me!"


Signing in frustration she begins eying the amulet closely. "Dammit Raina, what am I s'posed ta do" wistfully turning the amulet over in her hand, muttering under her breath "goddamn it, why won't ye jus get in 'ere ye bastards".

Suddenly the amulet begins to glow, faintly at first, and then every more brightly as the elementals seem drawn to Alyssia's direction. Muttering under her breath she holds out her arm holding the amulet and closing her eyes. "goddess Rai I hope this is right". Fierce winds and blinding heat whip past her face as the elementals are drawn closer and closer, being absorbed into the amulet. Minutes, Hours pass, as Alyssia stands there, hesitant to move. Then, silence. Utter silence. Opening her eyes, the once brilliant cavern was now silent, and dark.

Muttering something about her lack of visibility, she opens her hand, not realizing she was gripping it closed. The amulet glows, a brilliant dancing light, as she looks deeper into it she swears she sees movement. Wondering with awe, what the hell she'd just done.

Remembering her goal, the Thunderlord high tale's it back out of the cave as quickly as she can, returning promptly to her sister's home.


Returning to the front lawn of her sisters home, Alyssia notices two figures arguing on the porch.

"I's NOT a Pie, I don't care if I am covered in your magical frosting!" spouts Yale at the little girl, covered in mud as he tends to a wound in his shin.

"But.. But.. ye look like a pie" Kalire replies, wielding her fork menacingly. "If ye hadn't gotten in the way.." she trails off, noticing Alyssia's return. Her eyes lighting up with hope as she runs to the warriors side, following her inside.

The trio enters Raina's home, finding her laying upon the couch, panting softly and drenched in sweat. Alyssia kneeling by the couch, she wraps the chain of the amulet about her sisters neck, clasping it in the back. Setting her sisters hand to rest lightly upon the amulet, she leans back, watching.

Moments pass, and the amulet beneath Raina's hand starts to glow softly. She opens her eyes, glancing at the family present in her home, a soft smile playing across her lips. The glow intensifying, spreading across Raina's skin. Her skin starts to glow as little licks of fire dance upon her skin singing and burning at her clothing. On through the evening, Raina lay there, drawing shallow breath, flames licking and dancing across her skin. Finally starting to die down come early morning.

By late afternoon Alyssia, Kalire and Yale, taking turns watching over her, and turns out on the porch, our out having fun as they all anxiously waited.

Raina's eyes flutter open, the moonlight of the evening shining through the open window as she can hear soft murmured voices off by the fireplace. She slowly sits up, her clothing long burned away, notices one of her silken robes laying upon the table. Doning the robe, she stands, slowly making her way towards the light of the fire.

"Momma!" comes a shout, followed by the patter of franticly little feet as Kalire run up wrapping her arms around Raina almost knocking her over.

"Hello love" she replied, wrapping her arms lightly about the child, a soft smile upon her face as she glances about the room.

Alyssia, Yale, Ruden and others all stand from about the fire giving a soft smile in the Sorceresses direction as they make way for her and offer her a place to sit.

Another moment of silence before Alyssia speaks "Sis, ye okay? ye had us all a bit worried..."

"Aye, I believe I's goin ta be a'ight, thank you" she replies, glancing about the room "Thank'ee all for watchin o'er me".

"Ye had us worried outa our minds, I.. I's too happy ta even be upset" The Thunderlord says, giving her sister a gentle hug.

As the evening quieted down, the murmur and discussion further breaking the silence as Ruden hands out another round of food and drink, the mirth and comfort of her home, her family, hew new daughter saying to her 'Ya know, today, every things goin ta be all right'.



Cleans thy spirit, I take from you what ails your soul.
Purgo vestri phasmatis , Capio vobis quis peius vestri animus.
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