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Alyssia Kanath
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Default character reflections, and invitation to the RoH

*grins to herself*

It's amazing to me at times, the stark contrast between when Aly was young and now that she's much older.

Not only in personality, the way she carries herself, and the way she deals with most situations...

Now granted there's times when she still has those young streaks. When she gets overly emotional...or takes something wrong and gets angry... Times when she gets hurt easily and storms off much like she did when she was a lass. It's part of being a Thunderlord, tempestuous and emotional. *chuckles* But for the most part, people who know her now and never knew her previously can't believe the stories they hear about this brash, excitable, reckless girl who went about picking fights as often as she could and what have you...

I suppose I'm thinking about it at the moment, as I sit and look at the wedding invitation of the elves Beleg and Ahmaya Megil...who are renewing their vows tomorrow evening... And I smile because, none other than Alyssia is going to be presiding over the wedding...renewing their vows in the tradition of the Thunderlord Clans as per their request. Now it's not the first wedding Aly's presided since she was initiated as an Arbiter of her people so long ago. But when I made her...and played her in those old days...I never thought that one day, Aly would be standing before a crowd in UO...in official garb...well dressed with silvering hair and her spectacles situated upon her nose. Looking official and smiling gently at two of her best friends who have honored her with choosing to do this very special thing under her guidance. *sniffles* Kinda makes me all emotional.

Anyway, any of those Rangers who may wish to pop in tomorrow evening are welcome to attend. Here's the link to the official invite: http://www.uocommunity.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=96

*sighs and shakes her head* Gettin' old I am. Amazing ....I've played this character for ten years now I think. And will probably do so for the rest of my life in some venue or another. *grins* Ten years folks.... And we're still here.

"There are no unknown roads in life...only forgotten ones. ~Alyssia Kanath"
"Thunderlord history is that mexican hot sauce with the chicken on the label that is writen in spanish but there is no definition in spanish for how spicy it actually is."~ Korthos Du'Vallon
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