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Alyssia Kanath
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Default Barriers

The temple had grown quiet and most had retired for the evening. Outside Alyssia Kanath heard the shrill chriping of crickets as thier nightime chorus began to rise in crecendo and the haunting sound of a lone owl calling out into the darkness. This night, Beleg and the priestess Tiaralyn had helped Alyssia and Raina move the invalid Ruden Solic into a bed within this sanctuary and shrine to the Elven God Corellon. They had moved him in hopes that perhaps the elven cleric could help find some answers in the way of halting the dark and unholy magics that coursed through her brother Ranger and long time friend.

They had ensured that the elves would allow both Raina and Alyssia to raise their respective defensive wards to protect him while he lay there so vulnerable. They had agreed, and Raina had been the first to do so. Alyssia's sister in law now had retired home to rest and continue her studies, for she thought that perhaps she was near a breakthrough in finding a way to buy them some time. And now that she had finished, and all others had retired for the night...Alyssia could finally begin raising her own magical defenses.

Closing her eyes, the elder Thunderlord sighed and walked over to the bed that sit upon the opposite side of the sick room. Tiaralyn had offered this second bed to Aly in case she wished to rest there while she sat vigil over Ruden's prone form. It was obvious to all who were close to her, that the woman was tired beyond that of any time they had seen her previously. Dark circles had begun to form under the beautiful woman's eyes and her pallor was even more pale than usual. She had lost some weight, which was obvious...as her frame was usually strong and solid. Only now however, for those who knew her best, it looked as if she could be blown over by a gust of wind as she stood there... Her shoulders, which usually were straight and held back proudly, seemed to slump just slightly as if the weight of the world sat precariously balanced atop them. Between the illness of Ruden, the problems in council...and the threat of possible violence upon the horizon between Intheria and Council Lands...Alyssia was feeling her age most disturbingly.

She began removing her armor slowly, placing it atop the foot of the bed. And then she sat, removing her boots and standing them upright upon the floor. Sighing once again, she put her face in her hands, rubbing it tiredly. The raising of these wards would take a toll upon her body...as it was not your typical magic. The inherant magic of her people came from reserves within her, and therefore each expense of such energy would drain from those reserves. The power of the Thunderlords was not limitless, and much like a battery of sorts...they could be drained. Their elemental magic had to be recharged every couple months or so, sometimes more frequently depending on how large a reserve they held and how often they used their abilities. The wards that Alyssia could raise within this room would take their energy directly from her, and with every time they were activated to physically repel and damage unwanted intruders...she would have it sucked directly from her being.

She then stood and began to slowly walk around the perimeter of the room, mentally guaging the size and distance of it. In order to create this barrier, she would have to extend her own natural electrical field, the aura that constantly radiated from the woman. Once stretched to the size of this room, she would lock that energy in place and begin attuning it to those who would be allowed to pass. She would have to do so on an individual basis, and so luckily for her...that could wait until they eventually came to the room to care for Ruden. A large amount of magic would be pulled from her just to extend and secure the energy field. Then a smaller amount with each attunement. Hopefully that would be the end of it, and no one and nothing would attempt to pass through without permission. Each time they did, it would pull from her the elemental magic necisary to electrocute and / or throw them back.

If she became drained too heavily, the effect could very well kill her unless she chose to drop the wards.

In all honestly, the odds on that happening were slim. Alyssia Kanath would rather die than leave Ruden Solic undefended. Though, luckily...hers were not the only wards that were in place and so she felt that he was hopefully safe enough.

Once the size of the area she needed to defend had been guaged, the Thunderlord moved to the very center of the room and sat down upon the floor. Crossing her legs, the woman closed her eyes and began breathing deeply...focusing her concentration upon the task of extending herself. The field around her, which was usually so dampened that it was almost unnoticable by any but herself....began to slowly grow in strength and expand outward. The hairs upon not only her arms and neck, but also Ruden's, began to stand on end as the power increased. It was now becoming visible, azure sparks popping and crackling around the woman as thin tendrils of electricity began to snake around her body. A deep vibrating hum began...buzzing within her ears a most likely plainly heard by all within the temple. It was a large room and so her brows furrowed as she struggled to push the magic away from her body and layer it along the walls, doors and windows of the room.

The glowing bubble of elemental magic then neared Ruden...instantly it began to look guage whether this life form was friend or foe. Her static field, so much stronger than that of most normal mortals, touched upon his and instantly Alyssia attuned them to one another...altering the frequency and power of her own in a manner so that they would accept one another. And so then once that was accomplished, did she extend beyond Ruden and outward again.

The process was a bit slow going, given the fact that Alyssia was already so tired. But within a candlemark...she had completed her task. Once locked into place along the boundaries of the room in all directions, she gave one last expense of energy and after a brief flash...the field locked into place and disapeared from view.

And there in the center of the floor sat Alyssia Kanath, the woman's chest heaving with exhertion and a fine sheen of perspiration coating her body. Looking as if she had just completed a marathon run, her muscles quivered with strain and she took deep gasping breaths to steady herself. Had she been well rested...had there been no strain in her life...had her health been stronger and her magical reserves brimming with energy, this would have been much less draining upon her. But this was not the only set of wards that fed from her stores, being that her properties held such wards as well and it had been a couple of months since her last replenishing. She would need to have another one soon just so that she could keep up with the demands.

She tried to stand, but her legs buckled almost instantly. She needed sleep desparately and her eyes were trying to roll back within her head and darkness threatened to take her mind. Her body was numb and the once strong and powerful Thunderlord felt weak as a kitten. And so, uttering a chuckle of bitter irony...she crawled to the closest bed to her. Just as she reached where Ruden Solic lay, Alyssia lost conciousness before she could even begin to pull herself up. So there she lay against his bed, breathing shallowly and deep within an exhausted slumber...

And as she lay hunched against that bed, did Ruden Solic...still in a coma like state himself...gently lift his hand and place it upon the damp hair of the woman who sit there, resting it atop her head lovingly.

And in the forest around Silverwood grew quiet...the orchestra of crickets halting their music and the hooting of the owl silenced.

As if they understood the importance of this brief moment of well deserved peace...

"There are no unknown roads in life...only forgotten ones. ~Alyssia Kanath"
"Thunderlord history is that mexican hot sauce with the chicken on the label that is writen in spanish but there is no definition in spanish for how spicy it actually is."~ Korthos Du'Vallon

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