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Alyssia Kanath
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Default A Weary Heart's Vigil

She sat quietly next to the large, lushly draped bed that was the center of the large bedroom. Here, far away from the activity of the Aegis, or Silverwood...or even the Spiritwood...Alyssia Kanath sat in the rarely used private estate that she had at one time shared with Etrirc Lendos. This house, which often times sat quiet and serene with disuse...lately had bustled with activity due to the constant presence of those who would care for the ailing Ruden Solic. Here she had brought him because she knew that he would be safe, at least from physical harm. But frustration had set in early as she realized that though secure in the knowledge that no one could come here without her permission or knowledge to cause harm to her brother ranger...there was little she could do to protect his soul... The wards that she had erected, could only repel the physical....

The Elder Thunderlord sighed tiredly, exhaustion plainly written upon her pale face. The events of the past month had seemed to age her, the youthfull look to her features starting to give way just slightly from the stress and constant battering of the world around her. The silver at her temples, had begun to creep back just barely within her auburn hair. The corners of her bright and mischevious emerald eyes crinkled slightly and she held a perpetual look of near exhaustion. Her movements had slowed, a stiffness setting in to old injuries in her leg and shoulder. A weakness making itself known of late within her body, along with occasional sharp pains within her chest and a shortness of breath that had begun to become more than a little annoying.

Stress...that was all it was.

It was Ironic, she thought... Here she was, cursed by Silverstorm all those years ago with a lifetime that bordered upon the immortal...and yet still she aged. Slowly, granted...but it seemed to come in spurts...as if her human body struggled against the unnatural extension of a life filled with hardship and heartache. Oh how she wished at times to be wrapped within the comforting cloak of final rest...the darkness of death...to be swallowed whole within the blackness and let the vibrant soul that writhed within the entrapment of this shell that had held it prisoner for so much longer than was natural... Once it had escaped...once she had known such peace, only to have it ripped away from her cruely by a woman who had told her so often that she had loved the Thunderlord...

Old memories...

Alyssia sat hunched in her chair, rubbing her face wearily. "Oh how I wish you could speak to me, my old friend..." She murmured to the silent Ruden Solic. He lay within the bed, pale and silent... His eyes gently closed and body still. The elder Ranger's chest rose and fell shallowly with weak breaths. The vision nearly destroyed the woman who sit beside him...she wanted to cry...to scream ...to pound upon his chest and shake him... She had done it once before....the memory of youth suddenly flashed within her mind. Back to a time when the Rangers wandered this world...adventured...fought against darkness. A time when Ruden had before had his life taken cruelly from his family. She had been young then...he had been young as well.

Slayne gazed sadly upon the young warrior's frowning face and shook his head. "Aly...Ruden...our brother has fallen..."

Alyssia blinked in confusion and then suddenly laughed, shaking her head. "Ahh tha's a good one...where is he..?"

They all looked at her, grief showing plainly upon their faces. The realization that the big Ranger's words rang with truth caused the stunned woman to blink a few times and grow silent. Alyssia shook her head and whispered, "No..."

She was answered with anguished silence. Suddenly the young woman's body crumpled, as if crushed by the weight of cruel reality. Her small frame was immediately gathered up within the strong fatherly arms of Slayne and he pulled her to his lap and held her as the girl sobbed brokenly.

"But you came back..." She chuckled briefly, taking his hand in hers and giving it a gentle and loving squeeze. "Nae even death could contain you...nothin' ever could. You've always been out o' control....moreso even than me I fear..." Alyssia chuckled again, head shaking. "You better nae give up on me..." She said softly, lowering her forehead to the back of his aged hand and closing her eyes as tears threatened to spill from them. "I can nae imagine goin' on wit'out you..." Her voice wavered, breaking slightly as she spoke. "Like I tol' the lass Kalire when I brought 'er to see ye the other night....if ever Alyssia Kanath had a hero...it would be Ruden Solic..."

Alyssia felt almost as if the hand she held gave a very weak squeeze to her fingers.... But she passed it off as imagination.

"The Elves have offered you sanctuary at their temple, my friend..." She said tiredly, "For I fear the defense you need at the moment is less physical an' more spiritual...perhaps those who follow Corellon kin' help us find an' answer as to how to stop this... Corellon an' the mistress 'ave always supported one another...perhaps this is the correct way ta' go. An' Raina will keep workin'....an' I hear she's got Colin' doin' research...we'll figure this out..."


The soft voice of Katryn cut through the opressing haze that had settled in upon the large bedroom. Alyssia looked up and smiled gently to the young woman. "Kat... 'ello..."

"I brought you somethin' to eat..." Katryn walked in bearing a tray, setting it down upon the small table by the door. "You need to eat...you've nae eaten in awhile."

"Aye...I will in a bit..." Alyssia began.

"Nae...you will...now." Katryn said with a gentle sternness in her voice.

Alyssia Kanath smiled wearily and sighed, nodding. She would not argue, she knew that Katryn was right. The Elder Thunderlord stood and stretched...then wandered over to the table, sitting down before the food and gazing at it.

"How was the council meeting?"

"Don't get me started." Alyssia smirked, "Durreah is a fool an' will get his people slaughtered due to his own arrogent pride... I fear for them..." Alyssia said wearily, closing her eyes and letting her head fall back weakly as she sighed.

Kat's gentle hands made their way to her shoulders, beginning to massage the tension out of her neck. "Well...that answers my question..."

"All we kin' really do....is nae let him take us down wit' 'im..." Alyssia looked back over to Ruden and shook her head sadly, "As if I did nae have enough on my plate..."

Katryn smiled and bent down, whispering in Aly's ear almost playfully in attempt to lighten her mood even a little. "Speakin' of plates, dear...you have dinner to eat..."

Alyssia grinned slightly and murmured in return after kissing Katryn's cheek. "Aye, mother..." She then chuckled and began to eat, under the watchfull and adoring gaze of Katryn.

"There are no unknown roads in life...only forgotten ones. ~Alyssia Kanath"
"Thunderlord history is that mexican hot sauce with the chicken on the label that is writen in spanish but there is no definition in spanish for how spicy it actually is."~ Korthos Du'Vallon
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