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Kvasir Silverwyn
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Default Kirin Tor

Hey, thought I'd drop a courtesy message...

I know WoW doesn't seem to be a common topic anymore, but I am gonna post anyway, damn it! :P

Myself and my GF recently (as in a few months ago) started playing on a different server: Kirin Tor. We were part of a new guild creation from an older guild there, but most of these people are good folk and easy to get along with and have fun. So, if you aren't rooted in another server or are looking to move/start over, look us up. Our guild is "The Guardians of Legacy"

Oh, well, we are the Horde. :P There is a sizeable core of active players in Guardians of Legacy, with over 60 accounts attached, and over a dozen very active players.

Well, I guess if you want more info, just ask. :P I'll stop with the shameless plugs now. hehe


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