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Alira Drakrul
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Default A Twist of Words may be Hazardous to your Health

“You did what?” Alira’s voice raised an octave as she stared in disbelief and anger at Kismet.

“I… I… helped her with her ABC’s?” the response was more a question than a statement.

“I told you to just keep an eye on her!” Alira growled as she stood and took a step towards Kismet. The rage inside her was painfully evident on her face, her beauty both breathtaking and horrible as the dawn.

“Well, I tried to, Queenie. She kept squirming though… so well then I saw that she was working on learning her ABC’s … you know ABC’s are pretty hard for a kid… I remember when I was younger that they were a ha- …” Kismet tried to explain, shrinking back as Alira moved towards.

Alira snapped, still growling low and dangerously, “What do you mean, squirming?”

“Squirming… thrashing… twitching… you know…” Kismet flailed her arms dramatically, her tongue stuck out to one side as she purposely convulsed, “…moving around a whole bunch...”

“I know what it MEANS… I want to know why she was doing it!!” Alira shouted, her composure completely gone as she advanced on the theatric jerking form of the young woman.

“How am I supposed to know why she was doing, Queenie? I can’t read minds… That’s my secret talent, as an illiterate telepath you know and I have gotten so good at it… I can do it better than anyone else no-…” her sentence was cut short as one of Alira’s hands sprang forth and grabbed her by the neck and pushed her against the wall.

The fingers tightened dangerously around the girl’s throat as her face moved closer to Kismet’s. Her teeth were clenched and her tone firm and lacking any trace of the normal composure found in the female vampire. The words were broken, each single word accentuated with sharp, crisp precision, “What… did… you… do… right… before… she… started… to… … squirm…?” The tense fingers loosened a bit, letting air reach Kismet’s lungs so she could speak.

“I think I took a breath...” The moment the words left Kismet’s mouth, the nails dug into her neck hard for a moment, a single drop of blood sliding down her flushed skin.

Alira’s eyes dark and dangerous as she spoke through clenched teeth, “Now is not the time to try my patience, whelp.”

“There are good answers… and then there are right answers… you mean… you expected the later?” she squeaked, gasping for breath as she held the sickening sweet smile that angered Alira even more with each passing moment.

“O’course, I do!” snarled Alira impatiently.

“Oh… well… “ She drew several struggled breaths between the words. “I… did just like you… said, Queenie… I kept my eye… on her. So…I leaned over and laid my head right on her shoulder… the fabric itched my eye all to hell… Why do people wear itchy stuff… it sure does make it more diff-…” Her words were ceased as Alira tightened her grip.

Alira fought with self-control. “It would be so easy to snap her neck right now… so deliciously easy…” Alira thought silently as she stared into the bubbly, confused eyes of the woman in her grasp. Alira snarled and released her grip and walked back to the center of the room. Kismet’s legs buckled as she gasped for breath, coughing as her knees hit the floor. Alira paced back and forth, the repetitive movement calming her as she worked on gaining control of her anger again, “When I said to keep an eye on her… I didn’t mean to literally put your damn eye on her. I meant for you to … watch her!” The tail-end of the words coming out in a snarl, her anger still threatening to boil over and deal with the incompetent woman with delightful finality.

“Well, why didn’t you just say –that- then, Queenie?” Kismet asked, as one hand rubbed her red throat absentmindedly.

“It’s a phrase… a proverb… It is a short saying or statement that expresses a basic truth of practical precept.” Alira clarified, her hand reaching up to rub her temples. She didn’t have a headache, but severe annoyance often triggered the force of habit lost in her subconscious.

“Seems it would have just been easier to say what you meant,” Kismet stated matter-of-factly. “Don’t worry, Queenie… I didn’t tell her anything about what I was doing there. When she started getting all squirmy about why my eye being on her… I distracted her brilliantly with that song.”

Alira paused in her pacing, her fingertips still methodically massaging her temples, “What… song… did you teach her… if I might ask?” Her eyes still standing at the floor, her voice hesitant in its inquiry.

“I told you… the ABC song… she was so grateful cause she was getting them all mixed up… A…B… D… F… S… “ Kismet rambled on, continuing the child’s messed up alphabet order even over Alira’s next words.

“So you simply taught her ABC’s… that’s all… nothing twisted, sadistic or mentioning the masquerade, right?” Alira asked, raising her eyes from the floor to study Kismet.

“… T… M… O… Z… Yes, that’s all Queenie. Just a rhyme I learned in my youth to remember the order of the letter-thingies. Would you like me to tell it to you?” Kismet inquired, her voice dripping with bubbly energy.

Alira waved a hand as if to say she didn’t care and dropped her eyes to the floor as she returned to pacing back and forth across the room.

“A is for Amy who fell down the stairs... B is for Basil assaulted by bears...” she took a quick breath, continuing as she recited the rhyme, “C is for Clara who wasted away...
D is for Desmond thrown out of a sleigh...” Alira’s pacing stopped abruptly across the floor, her whole body tensing. Kismet continued, painfully oblivious to the change in Alira’s mood. “E is for Ernest who choked on a peach... F is for Fanny sucked dry by a leech...”

“Kiiiiiiismeeet!” Alira roared spinning around. Kismet squeaked and scrambled across the floor and up the stairs.

“G is for George smothered under a rug...H is for Hector done in by a thug...” Her voice carried down to Alira’s ears as she continued before the door slammed and muffled the irritating singing.

Alira glared upstairs, her acute hearing picking up the grating vibrations of the woman’s voice despite the solid construction of the building. She turned, dragging her fangs across her lower lip as she once more continued her silent pacing. The light, delicate footsteps did nothing to drown out the incessant babbling that was nagging at her from upstairs.
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