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Alira Drakrul
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Default A Change of Plans

Alira sat in her study as one of her manicured nails tapped lightly on a desk, the tempo steady and perfectly timed. Her intelligent eyes were darker than usual, the blue resembling the bottomless ocean, unfathomable and profound in their depth. In front of her on the desk, rested on a large unrolled leather map of the city of Skara Brae and its surrounding countryside. Numerous markers were attached to the oiled surface of the map with translucent wax. Some were small, orange strips of parchment and were labeled locations such as the ranger’s tavern and some of their individual property she had gained knowledge of through her members who had been watching the woods. Other locations were marked with red squares, which were embossed with a symbol of a black flame. In addition to these labels were ten small circles trimmed from crimson parchment which labeled the marks she had made upon trees to indicate her family’s personal domain and territory as it related to the unseen kindred world. Her intense, dark gaze was focused now on one of these circles in particular. It was northeast of the marker labeled “Que’s Tavern, RoH” on the detailed map.

She sat for an hour, her eyes held steady on the spot in silent, calculating contemplation of the situation. Her strong nail keeping perfect regularity on the solid oak desk, the interlude between taps fixed and unconscious in its execution. The darkness that enveloped her sanctuary was silent except for the unwavering sound of her sculptured fingertip.

All at once the tapping stopped and a complete unnerving still washed over the room. The fingernail was poised perfectly, a centimeter above the small indent created in the top of the wood. It stayed there for several minutes before motion finally brought it back to life. Her delicate hand lifted and pulled off the crimson circle that had held her attention for so long. She placed the removed circle on the map at another location, farther south. The ranger’s tavern now sat by itself on the coastline, no longer within the outline of the markers she used to dictate her family’s territory.
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