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Default Watching the Future Unfold

The cold mountain winds blew across the high peaks looming over the lands surrounding Luna. Some of these winds made their way into the numerous hidden caverns of the mountain range. In one particular cavern the humidity and temperature of these winds was just right to create a rare and wonderous place. The floor, walls and ceiling built up thousands of years of ice and the newest growths struck out as crystals both of beautiful construction and deadly sharp. One could relate this to the growths of the Crystal Forest, but this was far more fragile, being all of ice and that a few degrees change in temperature would threaten it all. Making the place even more magical was the bluish glow coming from deep within the cavern. It was refracted and reflected among the thousand crystals, creating a mirage of sparkling color. The source of the light was a deep pool of blue water, protected by the cold and glowing by it's magical nature. Beside it two men stood.

One was a man of medium build in comfortable doe-skin leathers and thick furs to shrug off the cold. There was also a forest green riding cloak, a quiver full of arrows upon his back and and a thick gnarled staff that he used to support his aging form. It was the elder ranger, Ruden Solic.

The other man stood tall and strong wearing fine clothes of azure and a mail suit of scales that twinkled like sapphires in the light. He appeared an older gent, with his short-cropped, platinum hair and he had a refined look of one of the paladins, yet he gave the impression of the regality of a king.

In the magical waters an image played out of a chapel in a distant forest where a ceremony was taking place. Before an elven lord in long robes of gold and ivory, stood a couple in obvious admiration for each other. The sire was a fae creature dark and tall with long red hair, falling gracefully over his shoulders. He wore a breast plate that glowed in the light of the candlebra, and fine clothes matching the colors of the elf. The lady was dark of hair and dressed in a white gown and a golden obi, accompanied by an entourage of golden gowned maids. On the pews were few attendents, but of them were lords and ladies of high note. Ruden pointed out the Princess of the Fae, who stood and offered her own blessings upon the union. There was the leader of the Knights of the Aegis and oddly, the Ilharess of the drow offered her own suspect blessings. The men both laughed at the Thunderlord, Alyssia Kanath, who acted as the guardian for the bride, in her uncomfortably bright gold tunic.

Ruden gave a special prideful look to the eshu groom, for even with his obvious fae features carried his own as well.

"Tha' was a perfect ceremony, aye?"

"Ever a peculiar custom, but twas beautifully done," remarked the tall man.

As the Thunderlord led the bride, groom and the guests from the chapel in the image, the ranger straightened himself and smiled wide.

"Thank ye fer the use o' yer scrying pool. I could not of missed this fer the world."

The gentlemen nodded in welcome. "Witnessing the future of your bloodline is ever enjoyable, Mistress' Hand," he said, using Ruden's sacred title. "Especially such a mixed blood as your son is. It will be interesting to see how they mix as his powers develop."

The ranger returned with a smirk. "Whatever tha case, 'e'll not disappoint. 'Is heart be true."

"Hardly a requirement for his destiny need I remind?," said the regal man, with a raised eyebrow and a smirk.

"Yer daughter can handle tha dirty work. Jus' be sure she watches ov'r them, aye?"

"You know she will regardless."

The ranger nodded, knowing full well. No matter how much himself and Alyssia disagreed, the care of their family was something they could agree upon. The matter was settled and he began to shuffle, staff clicking before him, toward the cave exit on the precarious icy floor.

The gentlemen piped in, "Are you sure you are up to your current journey?"

The ranger waved the gentleman away. "My time is short, and there is still some work I can be doin'. I could be sayin' the same ta ye, old timer."

The gentlemen held up his finger as to share some important information to the retreating ranger, but then lowered it as he thought better of it.

"The Mistress be with ye then," he offered instead.

"Goddess bless ye."

The ranger came to his horse standing at the mouth, and mounted it somewhat ackwardly, trying to stretch further then his old bones would allow. When he was out of ear shot the gentlemen remarked to himself, "Little time and lessons yet to be learned."
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