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Default Walking the Flame [Alicea Takassis]

Walking the Flame [Alicea Takassis]

Weary, her eyes forcing themselves to focus as she stands before the balefire. Tucked within her own Asylum. The gossamer of glamour long spent laying about the base of the pedestal as she concentrated upon the flame. The balefire burning through the glamour that the Princess was pouring into it, the newly formed gossamer piling up gently at her feet. So much glamour, so little time. The Freehold of Roses, perhaps the last bastion within the Court, her mothers Court, the last true home of the fae since her mothers disappearance. Fear of what her mother, under the control of some other being, might do to the fire within the Freehold of Mirage. She's been working day and night, surrounding herself in glamour to the limits of her ability in her attempts to provide, store, enough so that the balefires, both, within her own Asylum and within the Freehold of Roses may flourish, and the fae within the land might survive.

Her own fire flickering as the flames licked against her bare skin, about as strong as that currently within the Roses, well enough for her in times of need, but not enough to sustain an entire court. The gentle crackling of the flames quietly comforting as she works. There, no more, she collapses to her knees within the pile of gossamer. Carefully gathering it for her trip to the Roses, the gossamer used to enhance the glamour contained within the balefire therein. With the loving care of a mother, she lays the gossamer gently down, gathering her clothes she dresses, preparing to make the journey back to the Freehold.


The darkness of night, most exploring the realm of the dreaming, Alicea slowly approached the balefire within the Freehold of Roses, as she'd previously made certain Elissandra was aware. Assuming the worst, this balefire will be all they'll have. The knowledge that the court will surely fall, the fae contained within hold no trust, no love for her as they did her mother. Perhaps rightfully so, perhaps she'd wish they'd give her a chance, all a moot point anyways as no solution of fealty presents itself. Too young her mother said, and perhaps she was right, the fate that has fallen her mother quite possibly being the only result of taking to the crown so young. Alice was younger, she realizes this, after watching her mothers court for so long, perhaps a different path for them is best.

Preparing the dais for what she must do, arranging the materials and preparing herself. There are so many unknowns still within the fae, my mother retained, and Ian as well. Both once powerful fae fallen victim to the banality of others, a shame to see them fall for it can only be that they lose that which makes them special amidst all that banality. I only hope I can prevent the loss of more of our kind to such a treacherous force, to the humans, or to those even far worse for the fae than them. I hope we're strong, strong enough to outlast even the banal influence Ian surely brings and to outlast, and outlive, flourish perhaps, in our time.

Disrobing in the darkness she begins sliding the gossamer from its sheath as she steps to the balefire, the gentle warmth caressing her body as she begins to reinforce the glamour within the flame. Alice was younger than her mother when she had taken the throne, she realizes this, then again, after watching her motherís court for so long perhaps a different path for them is best. The fae are free spirits, and should be treated as such, the confines and strictness, perhaps too stifling within this day and age, she fears remaining welcome as something yet to be seen, but still, if she is to go by the will of her people, she will make sure that they are as strong as she can make them before that time comes.

The flames gentle sparks recede as the last of the gossamer melts into the flame, reinforcing the balefire and the glamour contained within. Hopefully this will help, if they will not accept me, and I am to leave this realm behind, at least I do so knowing they will have the strength, and power to survive. Stepping down from the dais of the flame, she gathers her things. Glancing about into the quiet of the night she smiles, yes at least they will be well off. Quietly slipping off back to her Asylum before collapsing upon her bed, as unconsciousness claims her from exhaustion.

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