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Originally Posted by Slayne View Post
Okies, somebody please update this thread with the current situation in as few a words as possible heh.. simple words.. and speak slowly.. And please don't use guild name acronyms except RoH

In case I happen to be around. and of course, I'm not really if you see me inside a building

Orange is war right? Don't attack unless attacked and rp first (and since I don't know anything about anything going on, I have no reason to be aggressive other than Slayne's age old dislike for anyone being aggressive to anyone else around him, particularly weaker people).

And off the topic, what is Malas?

Right, Orange is 'war' but it doesn't mean 'enemy' It just means they can be attacked / can attack you. Theroeticly you shouldn't have to worry about it, just roleplay and have fun. That plot thingy was over eons ago, so you don't have to worry about it really anymore.

Malaas is um a new landmass, mostly Housing with 2 towns, Luna and Umbra (Dark and Light) really mostly just housing tho, this came with the AoS Expansion.

There's also the TonkeyNose Ilsands that came with the Samuri Empire Expansion.

And the Elf Tree that came with Montains Legacy.

None of them are required, just more land for better or worse.

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