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*Hodur squints into the vague distance for a moment, considering...*

I think we've done fine in the past without vampires to protect us. I think we generally judge folk by their actions and live by the law "if it harm none then do what you will." I've nothing against their kind, if they come to the area and give me the same consideration, I see no need for papers to say so. Our law of do what you will assumes certain things. They need to know what those things are, that they must not kill humans and they must not overhunt animals. If they intend to kill orcs and ettins for their blood, then they may actually aid us in our aim of keeping the area safe for people. If they come to the area and make trouble we're going to fight them anyway, papers or no. Can they be trusted? If so, then the paper's not needed. If not, the paper doesn't mean anything.

I'm not against the paper if it helps some to make a list of what we expect, but the only authority behind the paper is our blades and they will have the final say, paper or no. Let the vampires come and let them be good neighbors or taste our blades.

Lastly, I am in general opposition to any agreement which prevents me from eating bunnies.

*picks teeth*

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