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Originally Posted by Ug'zyx View Post
I figured I would include a little about myself as well. I had planeed to do this yesterday evening when I posted Ug'zyx's background but I had to get to class. Speaking of which I am currently attending, part-time, Viginia Western Community College and I work full time for Crest Uniforms. I am the hardware side of our IT department, with one other programmer and our supervisor to round out the entire department. I am responcible for about 250 PC's, 50 Printers and whatever else they decide should be an IT thing. The phone system got added to my hat today. I am majoring in Information Systems Technology and am two classes away from my associates. I am considering going on to Radford University to get my bachelors. I would rather go to Hollin's University to finish, but how many guys do you know that wouldn't want to go to an all girls University??

Anyhow, I spent 6 years serving in the United States Marine Corps. During which I got to spend 3 years in Okinawa. For those of you that have never lived or traveled outside the US, sorry but Canada doesn't count, I highly recommend it. It was an eye opening and mind boardening event for my wife and I. Yes, I am married and have been so for 13 hellish errr umm *ducks and covers* I mean glorious years.

I have been playing UO for 6 1/2 years. I spent my first year and a hald, almost two, on Baja. There I was part of a couple RP guilds, The Dark Tower and *Can't remember the name of the other*. I was also a member of The Rangers of the Realm guild/family. Then I hit my low point in UO, RoR imploded and exploded at the same time and I got scammed almost everything I had owned to a "broker" in a cross shard trade. This solidified my move to Catskills where I found GoL and have been a member and sometimes leader ever since. I am also a member of the Solantavo Syndicate, a vampire RP Guild.

I prefer the in your face toe to toe melee type of character, but I do have a fairly wide range of characters and have made just about every kind of character with the exception of a spellweaver, a ninja, and a PK. I do enjoy PvP but I have never and will never just out right kill an innocent just for kicks. On the other hand if my character is ordered to kill someone in a role-played situation or event then I will.

For me, in my real life, qualities like honor, integirty, loyalty, commiment, and trust are very important to me. I am the kind of person that will go to the ends of the earth for a family member and to me my friends are part of that family.

I apologize for this being sooo long but I wanted to get it all out in the open.
Max, this may be one of the most in-depth and well written introductions I have yet to see here at Spiritwood. Pleasure to meet you, and thanks for taking the time to tell us a little about who you are.

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