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Alyssia Kanath
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Hey there Ug'zyx!

Guys, Yale and I have had the chance to interact with Ug over the past week or so and he's really impressed me so far. I've not had as much a chance as Yale has I know, so he can probably also fill us in. But Ug showed up at Que's yesterday and had a conversation with Aly...it was great fun and he asked her about finding a new "clan"....she told him to come to Que's wednesday and he actually impressed her quite a bit between then and the times she saw him fighting the Ophidians!

I talked to him in party and gave him the link to Spiritwood...told him all about us and what it takes to actually get tagged...that we're a circular heirarchy and everyone needed a chance to get to know him and kinda interact with him on some level.... He said he was ok with that...and said he was pretty patient...

I say welcome to him! And I look forward to getting to know him IC and out!

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