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Default Pardon my lateness in the thread

Not sure how out-of-character or in-character these thoughts will be. I can read a lot at work sometimes while I research stuff for my job, but not posting. Home now but it’s getting a bit late now to figure out how/in what frame of mind to deal with this. Also not sure how Yale will deal with this revelation yet or even if he’s heard or seen any of this yet. Thank goodness I had a four day vacation wrapped around my last just finished writing spat. *grins*

Here we go. I think any treaty this complex would be hard for Yale to swallow or agree to, good or evil parties involved on this it would not matter. He would see the principle behind the article but he would have no need for a treaty or pact to carry around. He would bring up of all the friendships, alliances, and kinship (such as Kinship Village or the Shadow Rangers for instance) that had blossomed over the many years without a treaty or formal agreement signed.

Things such as this would complicate things needlessly. We’ve always based starting points of “alliances” based on shared ideals and friendship while enemies of the Rangers of the Heart deserved our ire and wary eye through their posturing and actions. We’ve not ever signed a pact with a drow or an orc, nor giant or goblin. Not Pixies, elves, sprites, or humans. Why vampire?

Even the undead lord Krakus some of us may remember, who visited Spiritwood from time to time, was observed through wary eyes when he first visited our tavern and woods. Over time an understanding seemed to be reached by his and our actions, not from words or paper promises. He was warned of the consequences of actions and then watched. He surely did some bad things away from us and any territory we guarded or patrolled, but when he entered our groves and homelands, some type of mutual respect developed.

Perhaps you could offer the vampire something along those lines of Kracus. I pay the old bones a ton of respect by talking about him, I honestly do. Krakus earned it from me. The orc Ug’Zyx has earned non-aggression and respect from me by his actions so far. So far the vampire Alira has earned it from me through her actions. The RoH is a guild of individuals that form something greater then its many parts and formal alliances or pacts such as this are just not our style, in my opinion.
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