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True, but your point remains just as valid.

And trust me, the problems ye were experiencing wasnae just because of thy computer. Even with me GeForce4 (which back then was a really nice video card) I had to keep most of the settings on their minimum values just to keep the slideshow at bay. The graphics engine they chose was rediculously inefficient...and the connectivity issues plagued me as well. The comparison was pretty stark, considering that when I crashed out of Horizons, I could immediately log into City of Heroes and experience virtually lag-free play with high frame-rates.

Now, I'm extremely impressed that they recently got Peter Beagle to write and rewrite the lore and global storyline(s)...and I imagine they've fixed a good number of problems since last I played, as patches upon patches often do...AND I so dearly loved being a dragon...but so much of the design was flawed on such a fundamental level after the original concepts were scrapped when the money-men took over, it would take a serious redesign to even make me consider returning. Which is such a pity, because the potential of what that game could've been but wasn't makes me cry.

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