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Originally Posted by Sybeus
Well, I think you're kinda blowing that out of perspective.

The Punkbuster license has no bearing on EA's license of UO. I was just pointing out that EA's TOS seems to indicate they plan on using Punkbuster in a way that may be contradictory to the license of the new software. We should all know by now that Terms of Service agreements are pretty pointless anyhow, they are really just legal disclaimers that says the company can do anything it wants. But they do usually indicate how the company will act if people try to use their software in a way they didn't intend.

And of course they are looking for a golden solution. Wouldn't you as a developer(used in the most generic sense)?
Of course I'm blowing it out of perspective, that's what I do! Well, okay, maybe not exclusivly *grins*

Honestly tho, I don't care what the intent of the program is, what it comes down to, for me, is that I will not install any application which is parasitic in nature, and affects my overall, general use of my machine. It's mine.

It kinda goes along the same lines that I won't install anything with starforce on it either. There are some programs out there, no matter how good and honest the intentions, that I simply do not want on my machine. As such I have the right to a) bitch about it *grins*, and b) Not deal with companies that I feel, are willing to sacrifice my machine, for their single product.

It's all about personal philosophy, the only way companies will ever get the clue that there are some things they simply should not be doing, is that if the people who disagree with those methods cease purchasing their products.

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