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Default Thanks all

Thank you Sybeus for clearing up how we got drawn into this. *chuckles* Now I know I can blame Elisandra. Eli is a great person and someone I would trust as much as any of you.

Thanks hun, for posting the RoE. I hadn't read the updated RoE myself. I was surprised I broke two rules already.

And thanks for posting the rest of you.

Since my involvement with Bedlam, I've only heard of one incident of a guild having to be peaced. Bedlam highlighted with the Purple Guardians of Honor, because some of them made an attempt at RPing with us. For any that don't know the PGoH have been one of the largest "Uber" guilds on catskills for quite some time. I figured it was a mistake to highlight with them because of their "loose" recruitment practices. Anyway, there was a report of someone in the EKoC being killed and looted by one of the PGoH. They were quickly peaced. And I heard the person looted had most of his items replaced by the RP community.

Though even looting is not so much a problem, with in game insurance being introduced.
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