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Default Tavern Schedule

The tavern schedule is as follows:

Monday - McDermott's Pub in Aegis run by the Emerald Kingdom of Connemara

Tuesday - Blade and Beauty Tavern run by Bedlam located in the Freehold of Mirage

Wednesday - Kinship Tavern run by Ruden and I

Thursday - The Lighthouse run by the Elves of Silverwood within the lands of Silverwood

Friday - The Winter's Rose run by Phaen and Elisandra of Bedlam, a holding of the Freehold of Mirage but located in Luna

Saturday - The Saints and Spirits tavern located in the heart of the Aegis near Yew

Sunday - Queen's Court in the Freehold of Mirage run by Bedlam...Silvara holds court that night for all to attend and petition and announcements for the guild and what not. All are welcome as long as peaceful and not an enemy of the Court.
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