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Default Established Rules of Engagement

Alright the generally accepted RP RoE for all guilds is as follows with small tweaks depending on the guild but ALL GUILDS follow THESE rules...some have a few more...that's the only difference:

1. Respect your fellow roleplayers. I don't care how good/bad they are at roleplay, what they did to you, what transpired, whatever. I don't care whose fault it was. If you start swearing at/disrespecting another roleplayer you will be given one warning, and then booted at the second occurance. Control your tempers.

2. Remain IC (in character) at all times. OOC (out of character) mistakes happen ignore them, just don't make a habbit of making the mistake. Never use abbreviations such as brb, afk, cya, l8r, etc.

3. Don't loot. Unless there's some pre-arranged plot dealing with looting a specific item, you will be booted for looting.

4. Don't kill characters in deathrobe or res-kill EVER. If the person is being a jerk notify your GM and take screen shots or have witnesses.

5. All matters with other guilds that arise should be brought to a guild leader. Never, ever take matters into your own hands.

6. No KoSing. Interaction before a fight is necessary, and does not include "Die, scum."
6a. A player must always have the opportunity to fight back during a battle. This means that actions such as fighting from inside a private house, trapping somebody with energy fields, paralyzing, or similar such actions should never occur.

7. Upon dying, you're in a deathrobe for 30 minutes. Depending on the character you play, you may act as you see fit while in deathrobe. While in deathrobe, you cannot engage in battle, nor can you help in a battle situation in any way (healing, any spellcasting, etc).

8. If a character does not wish to fight, do not engage them. Take them prisoner, demand tribute, or ask them to leave the area. If you demand they leave the area, and they return, they are fair game.

9. Never attack at a town bank or inside the Abbey in Yew.

10. If you kill an opponent, guard their corpse if at all possible, and there is no danger to you. Emote something along the lines of *guarding the fallen* to let others know you are guarding the corpse and should not be attacked. In return, never attack someone who has made it clear they are guarding the fallen.

11. Never attack someone who is wearing a death robe and is collecting their belongings. If they break RoE and re-enter the battle, contact the guildmistress and inform her of the incident. Under no circumstances are you to confront a member of another guild, whether or not you believe you have been wronged.

12.Alternate characters are forbidden in a role played battle. If you are slain in battle you are not permitted to get another character of the same guild or even another guild to continue the fight. The ONLY exception to that rule would be if another character within your guild was able to leave the scene of the battle long enough to sound an alarm.

13. House magics do not exist in rp. If the guildhouse is under attack by an enemy guild, it is not permissible to "ban" or "remove" them from the house. In cases of "perps" and "pk's" is banning allowed however.

14. Although players do, characters do not have all names. We do not see the name or title above a characters head in an rp sense. Use this for recognition of someone you know only. In a case of someone you have never met, consider them as a stranger. Characters do not know what guild a stranger is in, their name, or what title they have. The only exception to this is if they are wearing guild colors that your character would recognize, then it would be safe to assume you recognize the badge they are wearing
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