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Alyssia Kanath
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Well there is already a defined set of RoE that pretty much all the RP guilds follow...I'll find the link and send it to you all. *nods*

I know that if anyone ever breaks RoE the community has a total uproar and it often leads to instant peacing of that guild.

And as far as PVP goes I know in the RoE it states that there is no KoSing. All battle unless otherwise known or stated between parties must be led up to in RP...if the RP leads to attack then so be it. There are a couple of those who draw blades very easily...but that's the RP of their characters. Clive for instance who is always feeling as if he is disrespected and feels the only way to settle things is through his axe. That's his character. OOC he's a great kid and a good RPer. But pissing him off IC is easy...but really he's the only example of that I know of. Most often it takes a lot to get someone to draw a weapon and often it must be ordered by the guild leader or any commanders present. If Alyssia ordered any Guardians of the Freehold to attack someone (Rarely if EVER happens) Then they would do so quickly and eagerly...but the order must be given. Often she tries to keep fights from breaking out. (of course with the current plotline and the nightmare entities trying to drive people crazy and Aly affected things are a wee bit different but she's struggling through it)

I'll try to find the defined RoE....

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