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Originally Posted by Sybeus
I don't think the RP community realizes it's not so much a resurgence of "legendary" ranger presence as it's a few people (or at least in my case) who want to have a few adventures every so often. The number of rangers around will likely only go up by 1-2 a week from the already established norm. I'm just online most nights right now because it's newish and I've a house a build.
Although, if we get something good going, we may lure some of the old folks back in. This is something that UO provides that you can get nowhere else.

I don't think anyone should abstain based on what may or may not happen. We'd like to know how everyone leans on this. I have always avoided PvP, mostly because there was really no way to make PvP and RP compatible. I think it can be done now with the changes that have been made in the game, and I'm kinda curious to explore that as sort of the last frontier for me in UO.

What I would like to have happen if we highlight to other guilds, in order to make all parties happy is to come to agreement with the other guilds on our rules of engagement. Perhaps a set already exists, but I suggest the following:

1. We only highlight with guilds we know we can trust. Aly and Raina will be our best guides for that.

2. We only have PvP when it's been arranged in advance. If we come to a KoS type situation, it needs to be agreed upon in advance and effective only after everyone in both guilds is notified to watch their butt. There need to be neutral areas and ways to avoid it if necessary. Maybe a better solution is PvP zones. Each guild has a territory, if you enter it your life is forfeit. Maybe joint PvP zones as well, for instance, perhaps we say that area around Cove is an open PvP zone and you only go down there if you're looking for a fight.

3. There needs to be some prearranged way of identifying neutrals. Something like a ~N~ in their guild title. Neutrals won't get attacked and cannot participate in warfare, including healing and res'ing. That way guild members that don't want to participate in PvP don't have to and we won't have to play the game with multiple stones.

4. The usual stuff, no reporting, no looting, no res killing, etc.

Would something like that satisfy concerns? I say we draft a set of simple rules like that and post it somewhere public, maybe put a book in all the RP taverns, and each guild in this RP/PvP conglomerate agrees to it before highlighting. An obvious problem with this is that guilds that want to participate and are highlighted with a lot of other guilds will have a hard time keeping all the rules straight. Folks other than me will know more about that.

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