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Default Forgot something

[Edit: this looks like a threaded reply to Yale, but was meant as a reply to my original post]

Looks like I forgot to actually mention which way I was leaning on the highlighting topic in my last post.

If the others in the community are as trustworthy as Aly says, then I would be for it. The biggest problem I see is that I can't say for certain that I'm going to be around all that much. I may disappear for a couple weeks at a time in the upcoming months due to university finals, and the resulting job search and job for the summer directly thereafter. What I don't want is to push others into highlighting that don't want to and then leaving them high and dry.

And if I abstain my vote because I don't feel I'll be around enough to be deciding something for those that are, then it really doesn't appear to be a majority of people wanting to hightlight, but more like half and half.

I don't think the RP community realizes it's not so much a resurgence of "legendary" ranger presence as it's a few people (or at least in my case) who want to have a few adventures every so often. The number of rangers around will likely only go up by 1-2 a week from the already established norm. I'm just online most nights right now because it's newish and I've a house a build.
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