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Default My Thoughts...

I agree with Aly on a lot of this, and I think it's great that the community at large is so accepting, it hasn't always been the case. I'd take acceptance at her no rangers have been around, but they have been quite few and far between *grins*.

I am, of course, all for anyone and everyone getting involved (or not getting involved) in any plot they see fit, which really only leaves one topic for disucssion, that whole Highlighting thing.

I don't like it, it's not for me. Sure I even have some in Bedlam, an generally do my best to avoid anyone highlighted in random wanderings, because that's just the type of paranoid person I am *grins* I'm still a royal pain in the butt as I do mention when I can that Beldam should drop all highlighting *grins*

Never been a fan of PvP and that's just me, however I've never had any really bad run in's with anyone other than being in Felucca. So like I told Aly yesterday, I don't see why it wouldn't be like anything else, if it's put to a formal vote and majority agrees then that's that. The way I see it there are 6 more or less, on the stone and around, those six being Myself, Kvasir, Hodur, Sybeus, Ruden (and sometimes Yale?)

I'm quite confident that since Yale set off years back to create the PvP Stone for the RoH that he wouldn't be against it. I 'belive' that Kvasir and I are more Peaceful folk *grins* That means that if this is something that Hodur, Sybeus and Ruden all agree on, it should be so, and I just need to know it to get things going, or not.

I have no problem obtaining the highlights, as I do know a good many of the others involved, and I can always get references from Silvara on who to highlight with. So if it is the decision then ya know, that's that *grins*

Anyways, I'm not the one suffering from the frustration, so it's really up to all you, if it's something you want, call a vote and we'll move on from there.

On a side note, I'm also quite willing to bring Dawn about more, should you desire more of a presence, she's not as skilled as some of the others, but she can generally hold her own. She's just always out fishing... go figure.

- Rai
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