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Alyssia Kanath
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When Beleg told me yesterday over ICQ that he would be asking the RoH for help IC against the threat to Silverwood, I asked him a few question. I asked why...first...and then I asked what made Beleg think the RoH would even be able to do anything.

Basically it boils down to the following things:

1) There have been no Rangers in the land (RoH or otherwise) for many years, and therefore defense of the forests and such has fallen pretty much primarily to the elves of Silverwood. They are strained under the weight and in the eyes of the returning rangers they see kindred spirits...and are in hopes that perhaps they may find in them some allies in regards to having others who would help them care for the land.

2) As I've mentioned to you all before, the Rangers of the Heart are legends among many of the folks of Sosaria and...with legend...always comes expectations. Does not matter who or what you are...when there are tales tied to the title that you hold...people look upon you as a hero (Or villan) and therefore...they will of course come beseeching aid in times of need in hopes that perhaps you will agree and live up to those expectations...or...prove them false.

3) It is not just Beleg's children threatened...it is every child within the Silverwood community. And fear is beginning to spread that soon it will extend beyond the elves realm and into Conemmara and Aegis which lay just upon the borders of Silverwood...and then...through the entirety of Sosaria. The Vampires and Drow are forming a loose alliance and to be honest much of this is politically motivated. If the Vampires have reason to threaten the elves then that's more reason for the Drow to solidify their alliance with the Vampires...as of course the Drow and the Elves do not get along in the least...in fact hate eachother quite feverantly.

4) On another political note...Bedlam...which aside from Conemmara is the largest guild at the moment...has their hands tied. Silvara is staying carefully neutral in the matter, not seeing reason to have open warfare with the Syndicate and the Drow. Also...Azrael...who was once the Queen's Dark Guardian...and former lover...AND also oldest and most powerful vampire in Sosaria at the moment...has now left Bedlam and taken up with Setess Zendra of the Syndicate. His banal nature finally won out and...though he was always an "evil fuck" as he and we all always joke about...now his hands are no longer tied by Silvara and duty to defend her and Bedlam...and he has open leniency to do what he wishes. He is crafty, highly intelligent, pretty much pure evil genius...and now seeks it seems to secure his power as Elder. This disheartens Alyssia...as Azrael and she have always been...despite his nature...very close friends who...believe it or not...love eachother greatly... Though now with his move to the Syndicate and her knowledge of what is transpiring she's terribly torn. Her hatred of Zendra wars with her love for Azrael...She fears the day that he and she will have to face off....because quite frankly...He could completely destroy her. He knows her weaknesses...and he has very few...other...than his love for her. But that in the end will matter little, because though she doesn't want to believe it she knows that he could kill her easily and most likely now would if he had to. Also...despite Bedlam's uninvolvement officially...Beleg took Alyssia aside last night and informed her that it was Silvara herself that warned Beleg about the threat to their children. There are a handfull of Fae who, disturbed to see the dreamers of the land threatened..(Dreamers...all those who dream produce glamour which is the very life essence of a Fae)...have begun to take measure secretly. I'm not surprised that IC Elisandra would have tried to find aid for Beleg and Silverwood by going to the RoH. She trusts Alyssia...and Alyssia trusts her family...and though Aly's hands are tied (Which she...despises...at the moment), Perhaps the RoH could help.

5) In regards to PVP. Beleg isn't asking anyone to "Come fight for us." Quite honestly when it boils down to the Silverwood has no lack of talented warriors. The reason for involvement isn't just for the purpose of fighting. It's an attempt on an ooc basis it seems to get the RoH involved with the plotlines that would be perhaps suitable to them and in a way an askance for trust from the RP community. They want y'all to be involved and RP with them...in a way where you can make a difference if needed without your hands being tied. It's great to go and RP and sit in taverns and what not but when it boiils down to it...if you can't make a difference when the character would normally be able to act...it's really no fun for anyone. I can't see it being a ranger thing to do to stand by and say for example ...watch someone get slaughtered in front of them without trying to help. The whole highlighting system sucks...I agree. The fact you have to be highlighted to do anything is a joke. But sadly that's the system in which we have to exist and we adapt. The community is small enough that we all trust one another. We have never once had a problem with any guild ganking, looting, res killing, attacking without provocation (Unless the RP is that way and both parties have agreed). IT's not a matter of "Wow they could kick our ass why bother..." It's a matter of the community wanting to embrace the RoH, get them involved and give them a chance to be able to affect the world around them. And they're asking for your trust.

Yeah so you guys aren't PVPers. Well neither am I really. I had to learn out of neccesity because of Aly's station as Guardian captain. I used to be good but then lost my care for it....but eventually had to buck up and get myself to a point where I could defend people if I had to. And to be honest...there's a LOT of people out there who could still kick my ass before I had time to blink. But that's ok because I rarely ever have a situation where I have to fight. Other than with Clive and that's RP based that's been forming over the past few months. Whether you guys highlight or not...I can't really tell you that you have to. I still consider myself RoH but I'm not on the stone so I can't affect your decision one way or another or vote on it. Just trying to let you guys know that eventually I feel that after awhile of watching things go on around you and you not be able to do much about it will get old for you and pretty boring and frustrating. But I dunno.

Highlights now...are a badge of trust. You have people who trust you enough to ask you to get involved based on the RoH reputation that has formed over the many years in Sosaria. They are ecstatic to have Rangers back in the lands and look upon y'all as walking legends. Why would they not want you involved? *smiles* It's up to you.

Whatever you all decide...I will support of course. *bows head*

"There are no unknown roads in life...only forgotten ones. ~Alyssia Kanath"
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