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Well, I was half asked, half thrust into. But in general it was kinda a "Hey Sybeus, I'd love to get RoH involved in a plot I'm doing" OOC chat from Eli just as Beleg IC started to talk with me. That was in McDermott's Pub on Monday. Beleg said he had a letter addressed to the RoH but didn't want to discuss the matter entirely at that time and to meet in the Kinship tavern. Too many ears were about was his reasoning (and holy moly, it was actually packed that night). So I agreed to meet in Kinship. Cause I mean what's a ranger to do after such a question?

Just wanted to clear up that point, since it sounds like I'm the only one who even has a foot in the loop (which seems to be really all I have *grins*).

And I'll add some more in character information too, since it hinges on our discussion of do we want to get involved.

Characterwise, as you discuss the matter with Sybeus, Ruden, and Hodur you find that they spoke with Beleg in Kinship and found that Beleg and Ahymara's children are being threatened by vampires with the aide of drow. They want the RoH to help keep their children safe and they have an letter of unknown origin (with indications of a females handwriting) asking for help as well.

Sybeus being the point of contact tried to explain to them that he is only a simple woodsman and that he could not do anything alone, since he relies on his brothers and sisters when it comes to matters of magic, which the drow and vampires are. With some interjection from Aly and Ruden joining the conversation the discussion, they seemed a little disheartened that we didn't leap to their aide. But they know we are discussing the matter within our kin (or at least they should).

This is where Sybeus voices some concerns to you...

First, why approach him, the unknown ranger that just returned from many years of living outside civilation, with this information? Ruden is well known as a barkeep and member of the RoH. And there are others still lurking about too. Perhaps since they heard I was RoH from Elisandra they trusted her words more than their own knowledge of rangers still living in the land.

Second, we still haven't seen this mysterious letter. What does the letter have to do with their own request for help? Sybeus voices his confusion here. Are they asking us for help, or is the unsigned letter? They told Sybeus they would get the letter to him soon, as they did not bring it with them to Kinship.

Third, they seem awfully generous when it comes to coin. Do they think they can buy ranger protection? This concerns Sybeus greatly, and you even get the impression he's a bit insulted by the way they threw their money around in Kinship on Wednesday.

Fourth, there are some largely political undercurrents here. Bedlam's hands are tied in the matter, the elves can not expect help from that direction. Which means we may be acting alone in this. Perhaps even wedging ourselves between a rock and a hard place. And living in the wild for so long Sybeus tells you that sleeping in such a place is very uncomfortable for any length of time. *grins*

Basically, Sybeus seems apprehensive about the whole situation. Just what do these folk really want us to do?

Out of character, I don't know if were going to be required to fight, but it seems to be looking more and more like a setup for it. And I don't know how effective we'd be against the uber GM vampire and drow characters (I'm still at 57 swordsmanship). And I don't know how founded any of my in or out of character concerns are. They may just be the urge to unleash the inner Grathil and poke holes into the plot and it's devices, spreading Grathil mayhem and mischief, furthering the power of his Highness of the giggling wee folk, Lord of Little People, Fiend of the Unseen Shadows, Evil Schemer of EHEHEHAHAHAhahahaha.... *coughs* It's getting late...

: [Grathil.. err.. ehem... Sybeus signs off]
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