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Exclamation Attn: Active UO RoH players

I wish to get a discussion going on the role RoH will play if any in the RPing community.

What brought this up is us seemly being thrust into a plotline without anyone in the RoH knowing, as far as I know or anyone I have talked with. The guild leader, Beleg, and elves, of the Heart of Silverwood (H-S) has been plagued with threats on their childern from a band of vampires (Solantavo Syndicate, S^S). Beleg came to Sybeus claiming he was given a note saying to seek the RoH out for aid. He also said the note was written in a femine hand. This mysterious note is well... an OOC mystery as well.

Anyway, should we get involved, we may need to get highlighting. And I know this isn't popular with some people because of PvP fighting and I respect that. And if you do not wish to be involved, that's cool too. On the other hand, some of us do wish to be involved, me included. For these people there is some frustration in not having highlighting with the other RP guilds. In my personal opinion, if we are highlighted you won't be forced into PvP combat by the RP community. I know many of them and they are good people. Of course, there is always a few bad apples or a misunderstanding.

Anyway, the options I've thought of are as follows:
-Keep things as they are. No highlighting. There's only a handful of people and we really wouldn't make a difference in combat situations anyway.
-Highlight with RP guilds. Those that don't want PvP can avoid it and hopefully not have it thrust upon them.
-Form a new RoH guild for highlighting purposes as was done before. Those that don't wish highlighting stay were they are. Those that wish it, move to new guild, risking losing those unreplacable ranger titles.
-Those that wish highlight, join an established RP guild for the period of time our aid is required.

Other options, opinions, comments? Discuss.
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