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Hiya everyone

I was messing around with WoW up 'til this month, I'm on break for the moment. Still subscribed, but a bit burned out.

I have a 60 on Dalaran, which is horribly laggy and has long queues to get in. I have a couple characters on Lightbringer around level 40, but my friends playing there kind of drifted off. My main server lately is Eitrigg, which was a new transfer server, and some friends from work moved there.

I'm at the point where I'm bored with the PvE, but the end-game raiding isn't my type of fun. End-game raiding rarely is my type of fun

I've played most classes to level 25 or so, and I'm just feeling burned out. Best mmorpg I've played (didn't play UO, can't compare it to the glory days), but I'm a bit bored with the genre.

Hope everyone's doing well
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