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Default My Names!

Originally Posted by Noke
I am on Thelanis server as Halister Von Hoppendoffer the noble paladin and Ashfall the Ranger who i couldnt think of a better name for.

Im making a new rule, if i am to play a game, it needs a random name generator.
*grins* I sometimes flip through the random names to help with inspiration in rare cases, but ne'er actually use any of 'em as-is. The mere thought of using someone (or something) else's suggestion to name one of MY chars gives me the heebeejeebies! But that's just me, I'm funny like that.

Anywhee, here's me contribution to this "for the record" sub-thread:

Thelanis Server: Selarath Myr (Rogue/Sorc), specializing in sneaking, trap detect/disarm, staff melee, and magic buffs/debuffs

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