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Default yah

I've ne'er really been much for PvP play...got rather soured on it back during the massacres in Yserbius around 1990, and again with all the grief PKing in UO in the late 90's.
I understand what you're saying there. I've found in WoW (on PVP server anyhow) if you can manage to find 1 or 2 companions for your questing you are generally 'safe'. But when running about on my ownsome I fully expect to be attacked and/or killed at some point. But the fact that death really means so little when compared to other games (you suffer a durability loss of equipment, whoop de doo!), somewhat lessens the annoyance.

Of course there are times when you're questing for that last item drop or monster kill and bam! a rogue has ambushed you, or a hunter's mark suddenly appears over your head and you get that sinking feeling that you're about to spend the next 10 minutes running back to your corpse. That can be extremely frustrating, especially when it happens 4 or 5 times in a session, and in the 2 hours you just spent playing you really accomplished... nothing!

But overall I find the thrill of knowing there's another player out there that you're fighting against, with all their dirty tricks and unknown spells and what not they could pull out, is what makes the game exciting to me.

Sure there are idiots who grief, but you can generally muster allies quickly enough through Local Defense channels and turn the tide quickly enough. And the roleplay element on the server is strong enough if you want to find it and take part too. There have been some recent attempts at organising roleplaying events on Twisting Nether, including the other weekend a massive Braveheart style battle between Southshore and Tarren Mill (Hillsbrad Foothills), with both sides having pre-organised proceedings on the forums, lining up on either side of the hill before the inevitable clash and carnage (and lag) that brought it all to a bloody conclusion.

I think it's ultimately down to the people you have to play with too. As you've said you love the co-op game elements, and if you have a good group of friends then it can be an absolute blast.

Oh, and being level 54 now I get picked on very little it's always fun watching the little hordies run away in fear while you trot along behind on your mount emoting at them

Gosh I think that's like my biggest post ever. Not sure what my point was, guess I just couldn't stop rambling either

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