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Originally Posted by Tarrik
Are you on as Dara on Durotan? Will come over and check it out if I need a break to build up my rest xp for a bit
I've tried a good variety of race/class combos (most of which I still play, depending on who's online at the time, since level disparity issues are still unsolved), but me current solo experiment is a level 16 human rogue named Seralya (borrowed the name from one of me DAoC chars ).

I've ne'er really been much for PvP play...got rather soured on it back during the massacres in Yserbius around 1990, and again with all the grief PKing in UO in the late 90's. E'en in RTS games, I'd much rather team up WITH other players against the AI...co-op play is just much more fun for me. ^_^ I did venture into some RvR in DAoC for a time...the dynamic of having 3 sides warring intrigued me, and I still prefer that WAY more than the typical Blue vs. Gray, or Alliance vs. Horde laze.

But e'en DAoC eventually beat down me tolerance for repetitive play...retaking the same structures or artifacts o'er and o'er, while exciting, just made me feel more and more like I was accomplishing less and less. =/ Sure, the time spent with friends on a team fighting together did keep it worthwhile for me much long that it'd've been otherwise...but there isnae too much time for RP or casual chatting out there in the Frontier (Ventrilo is a nice alternative, but e'en that is often filled with battle talk and chaos, nae to mention stomping out what little RP remains in that game ), so the appeal is lessened for me on that front as well.

Besides, what joy is there in fighting a powergamer who has all the best gear, knows how to 'sploit the game's combat system to his advantage, and claims that I've been "PWNED" or "R4P3D" when I've been smote in 2 hits because I've self-gimped my character for RP reasons (which is usually the case ). If I could guarantee that me opponent was an honorable soul who believes in a fair fight and loves a good in-character challenge...that'd be a different story...but finding that sort of PvPer in this online gaming environment is pretty rare, in my experience...so...bleah.

Whew, this post turned out to be much longer than I'd intended...heehee, sorry for slappin' ye with some of the inner-workings of me mind. Guess I'm trying to answer thy question from below on why I donnae see meself getting bored of PvE play in WoW anytime soon.


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