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Default super stuff!

Only started playing in October last year. I used to work for Vivendi so had myself a collectors edition and a heap of time cards so I thought well why not see what this is like, it's not going to cost me anything!

I must say the PVP side makes things very interesting and breeds a very paranoid playing style, always checking over your shoulder as inevitably you are usually attacked in the middle of a fight with something else. It certainly adds an edge of danger to the game which I like, although you do get your idiots that corpse camp and tend to pick on low-levels but thankfully there's not too many of them on this server that I've seen.

Really enjoying my rogue, hit level 54 today and cruising up to 60

Are you on as Dara on Durotan? Will come over and check it out if I need a break to build up my rest xp for a bit

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