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Default Some quick first-impressions...

So far it's...interesting. The char creation engine is pretty middle-of-the-road in terms of physical appearance...but I do really like the "feats", skills, and attribute customization choices...nice D&D-ness there. Wish there was some control o'er body shape and height, though.

I also like how it isn't trying to be a WoW-killer or EQ-killer...the niche market they're after is clearly dungeon-crawlers and D&D fans. But hey, some days that's exactly what I feel like doing, so I'm not ruling out any possibilities at this point. ^_^

The graphics engine has an interesting balance of "when did they make this, 1998??!?" and "holy crap that's impressive!". ^o^ Seeing myself in a huge mirror hanging on the wall is a first for me in a MMORPG. =) Well, quasi-MMORPG, I guess, since I hear 'tis more instanced than nae (which means there should be nae monthly fee, right? ^o^). The math is a bit off, though...some of the lighting, shadows, and reflections are pretty funky, 'tis obvious that the equasions are ignoring some geometry when determining what goes where. ;p I call it "graphical sleight-of-hand"...others may call it "being lazy" or "cheating". ^_^

'Tis also nice to be able to break stuff (a la Diablo II) and climb on things. Though having a crate or jar explode AFTER I swing at it is almost comical.

Very interesting hybrid combat system, too...it has both "targeted" fighting (where ye select an enemy, hit the fight key, and go make a sandwich) AND "twitch" fighting (where you use "crosshairs" to fire a ranged weapon, or indicate where ye want to swing thy melee weapon on a per-click basis)! =o Nae yet sure if there's a difference in to "to hit" math depending on which type of combat ye engage in...I would hope there would be, otherwise what's the point of having "crosshairs" at all?

Originally Posted by Noke
You will have fun playing it though, just make sure you play with people that stick with ya throughout it
*nods* Aye, I donnae think I would be able to play solo past the free month...and since I'm nae one for pick-up groups, that may be the writing on the wall. Howe'er, with m'lord Slayne there (yay! ), more possibilities come into play...and the more of "us" that are able to crawl together on a regular basis (e'en if 'tis just once a week), the more likely it is that I'll stick around.
Originally Posted by Noke
I may pick it up for the free 30 days also tho, it was fun and if we can coordinate play times id gladly play alongside some real gamers

besides, been too long since i played with ya D!
*grins* Excellent, I'll look forward to that if ye do! =) And I do intend on popping into DAoC from time to time...is just difficult to get the timing right, since the PvE outings these days tend to be last-minute instead of planned a week or more in advance like they used to be. And trying to find motivation to RvR is like looking for an honest politician. heehee

-Dara (level 29 hero in CoH, level 11 villain in CoV, level 16 rogue in WoW, and level 6 monk in Guild Wars, which I rarely play...but more for lack of company than anything ^_^)

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