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Default Whoever is around!

The last tank group I was in had a BM, Champ, and VW i think, with Difur wardening for us aimilee and thomleth druiding, affybard, and a mana enchanter. we had fun.

The last one that went really well was Vallour, Dabishar, and Kreitos on their heros, Sleiyn and Hargen druiding, Difur and Affybard, with a deelia for DPS. That one was tough to take down.

The only real key is 2 druids, bard and 1 dps caster/utility. Nice to haves from there for me are a bodyguard (warden/hero) and a good Main Assist tank. The 3-4 tank slots can range for us, from hero, champ, bm, vamp, VW, heck i think we used a melee ranger.

The fun in tank groups is the sustainability of a fight over the masskills we can get with our caster setups. We still dont run tankage enough to really improve our win/loss ratio, but we usually have fun anyways unless its like the FOTM group or those mean FUN in alb. they can both suck the enjoyment out of a loss from such a swift and utter rolling.
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