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Default Hullo

I'm not entirely sure if this is going to display properly, the forum is not showing any topics or whatnot and if it does it's in a weird curtailed form. Oh well.

In any case, I just wanted to touch base and say hello. I've been playing on Hibernia/Guinevere off and on for the last few months idly getting a vampiir up and running since, well, it's incredibly easy. I've finished levelling him, templating him, all that good stuff and with that done I figured to start poking around for a decent group of people who seem to be somewhat of a like-mind and not entirely insano.

Well I spoke to a variety of people and there were several factors that pointed me out to bugging at first Kathlynn and then Sleiyn. First one was that of the current generation of hibs there are few names I still recognize from ages back. Sleiyn is one, Vallour another. I remember fighting back when I played Alb, my alt was Qadim though I've had a few others, only one I played fairly steadily was him. Another reason was that of the people I spoke to they agreed that Fellowship of Dihn was a good collection of relaxed people who were competent. That's a rare thing in all honesty.

I'm not looking for a steady group, I tend to be lazy and random and do what I want to when I like to. I'm not looking for loots or PL or such, I'm pretty much done with that. I think the main thing I'm looking for are individuals that are interesting and fun who occasionally spend their time how I do.

I should be around off and on in game, but if I'm not I'm reachable at Angrygamerchris on AIM, or chris@angrygamer.org.

Thanks for your time, see you around out there.
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