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Default *Looks at Ederachamh's message... 'Oh my god, Life!'

Since I've been in a joke mood, I thought I'd post the two (somewhat) Worlds of Warcraft ones I know to keep things alive in here Forgive me Lexi, since you've heard the second one at least twice now.

An elf, a orc and a dwarf are sitting in a tavern, sipping on drinks. They order a new round from the bar maid. When she brings the drinks, each one has a fly in it.
* * * * * *
The elf hands his wine back to the barmaid, asking for another; "Dear lady, I can not drink this. It is befouled."
* * * * * *
The orc sees the fly in his beer... grins... winks at the barmaid and proceeds to drink it.
* * * * * *
The dwarf grabs the fly out of his ale mug and begins to shake it violently, shouting, "Spit it out, spit it out! That's MINE!!!"

An Orc Captain and his army were marching by an ancient city when over the walls a fair Elven voice proclaims, "One Elf is better than ten Orcs!" Irritated at this, the Captain sends ten of his best Orc fighters over the city walls. There is the sound of a fierce battle and then silence.

Once again, an Elven voice rings out, "One Elf Warrior is more than a match for one hundred Orc Warriors!" The Orc Captain is furious at this! He sends 100 hard-bitten Orc Warriors over the wall. Again, there is the sound of swords and spears then silence.

Suddenly the voice proclaims, "One Elf soldier can defeat one thousand Orc soldiers!" Oooh, the Orc Captain can bearly contain his anger. He sends is whole army over the wall except himself (the benefits of rank! ...and he wasn't *that* angry). A huge battle seems to break out over the wall and then silence...and then Elf laughter. Finally, one badly wounded orc stumbles back towards the captain.

"Speak! What has happened?", demands the Orc Captain. Before expiring, the orc mumbles, "It... was... a... trap... There... were... two... of... them."

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