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Originally Posted by Dara View Post
Daaaaang, seriously?

It's pretty wild, I've been playing WoW for about 12 years now... but only played UO for about 2 and a half... yet it's UO that still has the more powerful memories, lasting friendships, better stories, and nostalgic yearning. I guess it came at just the right time in our lives to make such a huge impression... and DAoC to some extent as well.
Rather sad that our kids will never have quite the same kind of experience as that (though, hopefully, they'll have their own of a similar caliber), y'know?

The world is a pretty different place than it was in the late 90's and early 00's, for better and for worse. It's still full of gamers, though... so there's hope for us yet.
Wow, 20 years. I've been married for 18, and my oldest kid is 16. UO is older than them all ...

Our kids and the next generations will never understand our UO experience. They came into a world already ripe with online gaming. For us, there was a lifetime of single player games, and then one day, the prospect of an online game, and then finally, one you could actually play.

We dealt with lag, dial up modems, glitches, hacks.

My kids talk about l33t speak as if I don't know what it is. I remind them that we invented it. n00b, l33t, gg (good game), all of these things came out of that first few years.

Can anything for them compare to 20+ years of fantasizing about online gaming, before it actually happens? I'm not sure it could. For me, it was so amazing, I remember playing UO beta one night for almost 24 straight hours, only stopping a few times to say "afk brb" to go to the bathroom, or grab a can of peas eating them cold out of the can with a spoon, while we ventured to the bottom of Hythloth's dungeons.

My oldest has Minecraft, she is very immersed in the world, and all of the one-off multiplayer games. She's been playing for 6-7-8 years now, still plays regularly with her friends. She has a boyfriend that is all the way down in South Carolina she met through it (we are in CT).

My middle, who is the artist, we thought would never really get into online gaming the way I or my oldest did. Wrong, she fell in love with Overwatch on the PS2. Loves to play the healer (Mercy), plays with her school friends, as well as net friends.

20 years. Wow, time does fly.

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