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Originally Posted by Kyrian View Post
Dara may remember some of my old sketches from the Urtain days
Hehe, aye, I still have your original Grak sketch kickin' around here somewhere!

Your daughter's stuff is quite impressive... moreso at only 13!! Very happy to see she's taken to the Japanese animation style... having been an Animé "enthusiast" (hahaha, it's in quotes because it's such a politically correct understatement ) for more than 3 decades, it always warms me heart when the youth of today seem to "get it".

I've got two "starving artist" friends... and while they're not the richest of people in the $$ sense, they're definitely happier than most... so there's something to be said about that. I expect I'd be a bit happier if I followed my passions more than I do.
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