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Good to see ye still around and kickin', me friend!! You have been missed.

Sorry to hear about the cut threads... life is what it is, and that's just how things have to be sometimes, comfort or no. I do hope (and pray ) the new threads being woven are as happy and fulfilling as they can be, for whatever that's worth! And I do not think you a fool for your optimism and anticipation... as grand things may yet come to pass, just as tragic things may as well. Living in fear of a future that's fundamentally unknowable, however, is truly foolish... and something we should all strive to overcome. I'm quite happy to read that you seem to be doing rather well in this area.

As for religion (or lack thereof)... hehe, often a touchy subject to discuss! I have as many non-Christian friends as I do Christian friends, and in both camps we all don't agree on the same things... but that's fine... certainly no reason to stop being friends or family... especially in this day and age, when we need each other more than ever. Faith and spirituality are personal things, and I'll respect yours even if you (in general, not you in particular) don't respect mine. None of us knows all the answers in this universe, at least not while we're bound on this mortal plane, so I find it very unfortunate indeed that we often let our differences in belief turn us against one another (I'm oversimplifying, o'course, but the core point stands).

And speaking of answers... at least we know what the Norns look like... and they're much more attractive than most other deities!

Hmm... though I wonder why the Skuld I know wields a hammer instead of shears... <scratches head>

<...and scribbles in notepad>
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