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Robin of Spiritwood
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How is everyone? Dreamt we were playing UO last night. Those were great days.

Things are pretty good here overall. My family is reasonably stable. Our biggest shepherd is near the end, but he's happy and eating and not in pain. He's had a great life with everything a doggy could possibly want, and he still has a few days or so left. I got him a big pile of Chinese roast pork today. There's a sad day ahead, but it's not here yet.

My wife is doing well. She's outlived the pathologist who gave us that death sentence, way back - which is fine by me. He was a good pathologist, but I'm a lucky bastard. Had to figure that illness out and fix it myself.

Mom died about a year ago. Sudden, and painless - the best way. She'd gotten some dementia, and the specialists told us it was permanent, but I got lucky again, and reversed it with B12 shots and we had her back for 2 years. But then she got a stroke or something, and died in her sleep.

I work close to her childhood home. It's replaced by a little diner now. I went and had a beverage there alone, which is as close to religion as I get. That's the house we were in when the moon landing happened, one Sunday in the sixties.

After that Dad got problems. Started to hallucinate. Rick Grimes style. People in the house, appearing and disappearing in black smoke. He called the police repeatedly one week, convinced he was under attack. I got there first with a couple wakizashis and swept the house. Nothing. Not even ninjas.

The remainder of the family wanted to go back to specialists, took him to a Professor of Psychiatry who told us that it was permanent, and we need antipsychotics, yadda yadda, so I said oh screw it, recalibrated his meds and reversed it. Too much L-Dopa. Skip a day. Done. He's back to normal. Drove over to see me today. He's doing good.

I always wanted to be part of the Enterprise crew. Ever since that moon landing and Star Trek. (Trek started today, you know- Sept the 8th. )
Sulu the pilot. Liked to fly in space. But I grew up to be Bones instead.

(Or maybe lucky Kirk. I dunno.) I don't know any more than these specialists and professors, but when it comes to the people who count the most I've been exceptionally "lucky" though by now a pattern seems to be emerging.

I'm mostly playing Elite Dangerous these days, homebased in LHS 2310 star system, home to McCaffery, Herbert, Fuchs, Waldrop and Valdes stations.

It's just like being in a library! Though these days, nobody has books anymore.

I have a nice Cobra mk111, same ship I used to fly back in 1984 when Elite came out at first. Paid up for a blood red coat of paint, and I'm going to go pirating! Elite recreates the whole Milky Way, 1: - 400 Billion Stars , so in a way I guess I did get to be Sulu.

My shoulder power is mostly back, but it took a whole year. I'm back to a reasonable 100 pound press overhead and don't really plan to do any more very heavy lifting cycles. I'm too old!

I cut the exercise down to 10 minute HIIT sessions, dieted off 10 pounds, and dropped to around 10% bodyfat. Hopefully the heavy lifting has bought me enough muscle mass for the rest of my days. I'm working about 1-2 hours/day in retirement now, and just coasting.

It's the tropics. Life has inevitable bad things, but it's mostly really, really good.
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