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Hi all

Been a long time since our DAoC and Warhammer beta days, hope you all are well. I activated my DAoC accounts 2 months ago, and are having lots of fun
They have merged US and european servers now, and its action 24/7.

Lots of new toons, but also quite a lot of old and familair ones.
Guilds like Wolves of Valinor and Taar Isteach coming back to game and rebuilding guilds, while other guilds like Tectosages and Mors Mortis Ostium never left

I still live in Norway so no US prime time playtime for me, but havent seen any Dihns on except Hargen's ranger once.

If any of you are playing (or coming back), most hits on /who mika or /who malo is probably me (Ywain1).

Take care all
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