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Originally Posted by Alyssia Kanath View Post
*blinks at Rai*

Excuse me while I go get the black nail polish, hair dye, clothing, and pale make-up to complete your defeatist attitude, sis. *giggles and ducks* Next you'll be reciting dark poetry about how we're all lemmings marching endlessly in tune with the dark hollow music of corporate dictates. Conformists! There is no use, life is a futile existence of hell and mockery! No matter what we do...failure is our only goal...
What, you got something against Goth? *flips her hair and sulks off to find more black nail polish and drone on about how she's not Canadian like her sis...*

*grins* Naw, I just think we should know if it was our stupid mistake, or if it's a bug. If it's our stupid mistake, well then there you have it. But if it's an actual problem with the code... it needs to get fixed.

On the bright side, this is the most conversation the LotRO forums have seen in a long while!

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