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Originally Posted by Hodur View Post
Facebook, the WalMart of internet gaming.
I know you only jest, but the thing is, this is sort of visionary.

I have no doubt that in time games will be delivered entirely over the Internet. As bandwidth continues to increase, the browser (or some evolution of it) will actually become the gaming shell.

Think about old gaming systems, like the Nintendo system. At one time, that was an entire console system, with cartridges and controllers. Now, you can play Nintendo games in Flash in your browser, hardly taxing the PC at all.

Once bandwidth is there (which may take some time, but it will happen) ... entire MMORPG worlds can be delivered to the screen virtually real time, with no need for massive downloads to the PC in advance. No longer will you have to download and install the entire gaming universe to your PC before you can play ... you will consume only what you need to see, as you see it, and your video card will render it.

Quake Live, for example, you can now play free from anywhere online using your browser.
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