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I've made it up to level 40. Did my crafting quest (got that around 38) which was shockingly easy. I'm up to artisan I think, not bad, but it's not very profitable. Still no horse, I can't see how anyone can scrape together 4 gold at this level, everything I make hunting seems to go back into skills and crafting. I tried putting a few things up for auction but they didn't sell, obviously I put them up too expensive but it's hard to figure out what the market will bear. I think I'm going to try putting up some of the better stuff I make at about twice what the vendor would give me, maybe it'll sell then and I'll be a few silver ahead.

Starting to get some interesting weapons and armor from quests, and I'm now somewhat able to go into areas I haven't seen before, which is cool. I'm just now venturing up into Angmar. Most of the higher level areas I was able to run around in a little bit and sightsee before I got swatted, but Angmar I never managed to get into until I was old enough.
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