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Default Dihn Guild on Ywain1

Olem and Isli's account have made the transition from Percival to Ywain. All the characters names made it except for Olem's, he had to rename to Ohlem since some Mid has the name (Don't get it but it's ok). Lots and lots of action. Zones are busy again, even the classic ones! Lots of new weapons and armors and stuff to play with so going well. I saw that the lone Dihner that controled the Dihn house did xfer the guild over to Ywain1. I want to say the last Dihn was Difur? Her name wasn't on the herald list but some of the alts that are there ring a bell.

Ohlem wants to get re-invited, and I also want to get some of my characters in definately Rhyaen since he was a founder! hehe Isli n Eve may be looking into finding some active alliance to pester, we'll see. Of course if there was some Dihn resurgance in game, that would be great too! Anyway, is someone knows who has control and we can arrange an invite to get Ohlem and Rhyaen made officers, that would be great.

Besides Isli, Eve, and Rhy, and Lyl the warden, I also have a nice decked out lvl 39 LW champ and 39 Bainshee. Rhy is also 39 for Tri Bg fun. I may move some up to lvl 49bg soon. Jeri is also lvl 49, Ohlem made 50 and is moving on up the ML's and RR's now. Ohlem gets a lot more action then me since he's a bard. Bard love blah! that's one thing that never changed. :-P

All alive and swimming through the seas of life here speaking of Rl for a moment. Jake and the family going good but details will have to wait for a more private board. *looks around at the strange posts* Hope everyone can say the same and hope to see a few of you perhaps sometime. Still have UO too but in stasis atm.
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