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Alyssia Kanath
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Default UO: Old Accounts re-openned until Oct. 16th

Return to Britannia!
Calvin Crowner
22 Sep 2009 15:15:53 EST

Someone once mentioned something about the best laid plans of mice and men. I think you can also add Ultima Online into the mix now.

Today we have officially opened the gates for all players in good standing to return to Britannia. All accounts have been opened and former players can login using their original user name and password. (Forgot them? Contact EA Customer service at http://support.ea.com) Accounts will remain open through October 16th to allow former players the opportunity to get reacquainted with the game and community. Spread the word to friends and family - there has never been a better time to return to Britannia!

In all honesty, we were lining up several other announcements to coincide with the Return to Britannia campaign, as well as with the true launch date of Ultima Online’s … but the server fairies had other ideas. So stay tuned for an exciting announcement about 11th and 12th year veteran rewards, as well as other fun goodies planned for the live game over the next few weeks.

For those of you who returned to play Stygian Abyss, or simply to become reacquainted with the game you’ve enjoyed and perhaps missed over the past 12 years, we wish to say, “Welcome Back!” Don’t be overwhelmed by the scads and scores of quests and things to do. Make your way through as you always have. The areas you knew and loved are still here, but some of the faces may have changed.

What you will find is the same Britannia, with its legends and lore, and the capacity to shape your experience as you see fit.

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