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Originally Posted by Alyssia Kanath View Post
I'm sorry Hodur. *whimpers*

It's been a really hectic couple weeks. Every time I say "I need to hop on lotro" something else diverts my attention.

I want to see you! I'll try to be on tonight if I can. I don't think I have to do anything this evening.

Gaming has just been at the bottom of my priority list (unfortunately!) lately. *hugs tight* I'll see you asap brother!
Oh, well, I didn't mean to put THAT much pressure on you! Heh, then I just missed you by a half hour last night. I'll try and get on earlier tonight but I just got my eyes dilated at the eye doctor and I don't know how long before I'll be able to play. Anyway, I'll be around for a while, keep your priorities straight
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