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Originally Posted by Hodur View Post
...I been dinking around in LotRO for a couple weeks now, where the hell are you guys?

Who else wants to come back for the reunion? Slayne? Dara? I think it's free play right now, isn't it? It's been great to see Rai and Jyr and Kvasir and whatever his ol' lady's name is (inside joke)...it'd be great to see all the old friends in there. I'm not working too hard on the music these days, got everything pretty much dialed in now that the economy has cut my engagements in half I went through a pretty grumpy, asocial time in the last year, but now I'm remembering how nice it is to see old friends.

My ten dollar special is almost up but I'm going to stick around for a while, I'd really like to get to a point where I'm at least past where I've been before (level 25 I think in beta) and maybe even high enough to see some of the new stuff. I just hit 21 last night, seems the leveling goes a lot faster now. I been getting at least one level if not two a night playing for a couple hours. Seems like there's a lot more to the game now than there was in beta.
Did I hear the words "leveling faster"?

One of the reasons I stopped playing was how long (read boring) it was to climb levels, and how for every level I gained my compatriots gained 2 or 3, pulling further and further away.
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