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Originally Posted by Raina View Post
I'll take it if nothing else, and hold on to it IF you don't want to pay for it any longer. I have quite a few and one more isn't an issue, and my cost on them is considerably less than what your paying yearly. i just.. yea, don't want to see it go, even if it's just a placeholder of the past.

That Said, I completely understand, and agree, I'd love to see this place get more love, and pondered some things we can do, but it's all as to what ya'll want.

It's funny really, since I'm not a Facebook/Twitterer or anything nearly that social. Which I guess just makes me more sad since this is my only 'keep in touch' place.

There of course, are other things could turn it into, it's own 'Social Networking' Site (Elgg, Dolphin, Diasporia), or File Backups/ Photo Sharing (OwnCloud) or Shared Messaging (GNU Social). There's tons that can be done, the only question is... if people aren't using the forums, what would they use?

My, more than 2 cents I guess. That being said, love you all, Regardless of the future, Spiritwood has been one of the greatest things 'growing up'.

Well said in all points.

In terms of turning it over, I will see if I can arrange that, especially if you get a better deal and feel comfortable with it. I always just stuck with NS because they were the original, and I feared if I tried to change to godaddy or other options to save a few bucks, and somehow lost the domain name as part of a swindle or oversight, members here wouldn't take too kindly to it
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