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Originally Posted by Ruden View Post
I actually got an email alerting me to this post on my phone while doing some night work. I got kinda gitty and hurriedly rushed to the post. And then when I read it I got a little sad.

As has been said before it was all because of nostalgia. I agree it seems silly to keep paying on something that rarely gets any use, when there are alternatives out there. Yet, part of me wishes to return to the long past, and the disappearance of these boards would mean, this would never come to pass. Of course, we can never go back. Perhaps, when we've all retired and have that kind of free time again. Regardless, it doesn't depend on the existence of these boards.

I rarely check facebook myself, but Aly has most of you friended at least and is on facebook at least every day. So I'm kept in the loop.

And on a side note, I've found the real location of the Rock of Dihn. It's in Spiritwood, Saskatchewan.

Rock of Dihn? Spiritwood, Saskatchewan? Coincidence?
Considering the howling wolf on top, that is pretty awesome
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