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Hehe, that poll needs more options! I do check here almost daily, but it's just part of a morning routine of a number of sites I click through to make sure I'm kept informed of the important stuff... like movies, webcomics, patch notes, and what my friends are up to on Facebook.

'Tis true that it's pretty quiet in here these days... so I can certainly understand leaning toward saving some $$ that's otherwise practically going down the hole. O'course, it's not easy to let go of the past sometimes, especially when tied to so many awesome memories... I'm a nostalgia nut, so should be no surprise I'm posting this right now. Spiritwood will always hold a special place in my heart, at least until I'm so old that I can't remember my name anymore.

You're right in that 'net culture has evolved into something very different than what it was in the late 90's and early 00's... with social media dominating, forums like these aren't the hubs they once were. Heck, I host the forums for the Warcraft guild I'm in, and we're all very active in the game, but even so it's rare to see more than a post or two in a month! If I wasn't already throwing my own money into a similar hole, I'd consider taking over this one. hehe

20 sounds like a nice round number to set sail for the undying lands across the sea, though, if the general consensus says that it's time. I'll miss it terribly, o'course, but as long as some of us can stay in touch on FB or IM's or whatever new social/community "thing" comes along, Spiritwood will never really be gone. It's pretty amazing that this forum/domain has lasted this long, with all due thanks to you and Rai!! 'Tis appreciated beyond words, and I hope you both feel like it's been worth it... even with the all-too-frequent long periods of silence between posts.

If anyone happens to be lurking, and if we're not already "FB friends" yet, feel free to sling my gamer-ego a ping! Thalia's Facebook
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